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Author Comments

UPDATE - v1.1c [12/05/2010]:
- Added secondary control scheme (uses Mouse to aim).
- Increased the skull enemies health (takes about 2.5 direct hits now rather than 1.5).

UPDATE - v1.1b [11/05/2010]:
- Fixed a glitch where sometimes your gun disappears (for real this time).
- Fixed a small error involving the quick tutorial pop-up.

UPDATE - v1.1a [6/05/2010]:
- Fixed a case where sometimes the sound of a Monster Door exploding would loop.
- Modified the way the collision detection is done (if you are still falling through the ground in this update tell me).
- Added a quick tutorial when you start the game (for those people who just go straight into the game without checking the controls).
- Attempted to (and maybe did) fix the problem where sometimes you gun disappears and you can't do anything.
- Made it so once you go into the male/female toilets or the basement closet and go back out the monsters don't respawn.
- Increased the character's friction while on the ground (slide less).

UPDATE - v1.1 [2/05/2010]:
- CHECKPOINT after beating the first boss! (if you die after the 1st boss, you restart in the Cafe).
- Enemies reduced on 1st level (1 less worm & 1 less shooter).
- The worms on the first level now spawn closer to the enemy (forces you to take care of them before the rest of the enemies).
- Message boxes now show at the top of the screen and are slightly more transparent.
- Cakes now heal 2.5 boxes of health rather than just 2.
- The shotgun sound effect volume has been reduced slightly.
- The tables in the cafe no longer absorb bullets (you can not longer land on them either).
- Ground detection on most levels should be increased now (hopefully you won't fall through now).
- You can no longer camp on the left wall during the Pool Boss.
- Gravity has been increased (fall down faster after jump).
- Shotgun spread has been decreased slightly (more accurate from afar).

Have Fun as you blast your way through this short game. Remember, to be able to advance you have to take out all the monster in that room and to stop those respawning enemies from respawning: destroy their 'monster' doors!




its ok


There is this glitch when you destroy a monster door at the same time you die, the explosion sound keeps on looping. It goes on from title screen until another death before it repeats.

This is awesome but a little variety on shooting the enemy would be nice.

But all in all good game.

Torrunt responds:

I never heard of that glitch before, it should be fixed now (v1.1a). Thanks!

handsoff bug

I had a bug in the battle vs me were i ate some cake, and due to a glitch i lost my arms and couldnt do anything :O probably something with jumping and eating cake or shooting or all three xD

People find this review helpful!
Torrunt responds:

Thanks! you helped give me more of an idea on what's causing this problem, i had a attempt at fixing it but i find it really hard to replicate this glitch (only managed to do it once) so i'm not 100% what i did fixed it. (This fix is in v1.1a).

Glitch - Fall through floor

in the first hallway if you jump then hold D in front of the slimy door ou'll fall through the floor. :P xD

press jump quickly or you'll become stuck o.O

i liked it

nice game except that freakin enemies come back in the room you just cleared!!! i hate that shit.

hey it was fun easy and quick. what more could you want from a flash game?

nice work

Torrunt responds:

v1.1a which i just released changed it so if you go into one of the toilets or the closet in the basement when you come back out the enemies don't respawn. I would have made it so enemies just don't respawn when you come back 'full stop' but i didn't really want to waste the time doing so since the only time you should really be going back is if you've just been in one of those small rooms.

Thanks for the review.

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