Attack of the Ubermothers

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Happy Pico day 2010!

Please recommend for the Flixel collection ^_^

PATCHED (once the admins approve!):
Uberkids are now slighty slower than Pico.
Converted Uberkids are now also dropping power-ups.
The small ammo crates now gives 1/2 ammo to all your weapons.
Map layout has been slightly altered to prevent the Uberkids from getting stuck.

So don't come here and say that I don't listen to you guys :) Thanks for all the input!
I'll keep updating and documenting it, as long as it isn't anything too big a change.

Move with arrows
Jump with Z
Shoot with X
Change weapons with A and S
Mute music with M
Mute all sound with 0 on numpad

Right off the bat, I'm sorry that Tankmen didn't really get to make an appearance. But other than that, all the other major Newgrounds mascots got their 10 minutes of fame, in this epic survival game!

A lot of happy thoughts to my buddy Jones for doing all the artwork & graphic. Also, much love to Adam Atomic for making the Flixel framework a breeze to work with. Both of you did a mighty fine job!


This game neeeds....

Achievements. Loads of Achievements. Good job making this game as awesome as possible, I could suggest a few mini bosses, and at the end a big, big ass boss like in Madness Accelerant. The weapons were good, although I stayed with the pistol, because that's what dealt the most damage. Awesome game, keep up the good work.

Arkuni responds:

Yeah, the pistol is somewhat overpowered. A big bad boss would be nice, but again, it would require work I wasn't willing to do.

nice i love it

the prize is your

Arkuni responds:

It sure was. Thanks ;)

Ill write a longer review for another game

This games fun as hell.

Arkuni responds:

Good to hear.

pant pant...

yes! i did it! i wish i got a medal tho...

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Arkuni responds:

Well, I'm not promising anything but... that might actually just happen :)

It's good

The game is really good. It's pretty simple. Just upgrade the pistol all the way and collect all the masks. Doing that will make you pretty invincible. And of course, once you get the End-Game Bomb and are tired of playing you can use that blow everything to hell.

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Arkuni responds:

Big bombs equals great fun. Fact!

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3.89 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
9:32 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun