Fatherly Bonds Da Game

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Attack = A
Special = S
Mute = M
Pause= P

I wanted to make something for Pico day this year.Here's a small game that originally me, and Lochie started, but he bailed cuz he sucked. So Andrew (Archer) took over and we finished the game up :P Was originally gonna be a level by level beat em up, but people suck (lochie). HAPPY PICO DAY!

Its a really small game :S pick up and play for a bit :P Hope you enjoy


Awesome game!

The game is awesome i like the art work but it has some glichtes like when i made it to level 3 the screen shrinked and also sticky keys are annoying.

easy and boring to say the least

tap a and everything is fine...

that's about it when it comes to gameplay


Okay graphics, but it becomes too clear too quickly that there's no point. You can win by just holding in the direction of enemies and hammering the attack button. (I noticed that you can kill an enemy by hitting another enemy four times, turning around and hitting your target with the uppercut, then repeating.)

Waste of time.

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Gameplay is waaayyy too boring and not various at all.

Great game

I was expecting some more variety in the enemies you thought, but this was still pretty playable. It is just great that you keep this flawless style of animation and graphics. I could spend all day just beating person after person up. I liked it how you were able to move around the screen to give yourself more freedom to fight. Granted, I did not really use it and it would have benefited me more if I had. The sounds were also really cool and funny and motivated the player to keep on fighting.

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
9:19 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler

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