Fatherly Bonds Da Game

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I wanted to make something for Pico day this year.Here's a small game that originally me, and Lochie started, but he bailed cuz he sucked. So Andrew (Archer) took over and we finished the game up :P Was originally gonna be a level by level beat em up, but people suck (lochie). HAPPY PICO DAY!

Its a really small game :S pick up and play for a bit :P Hope you enjoy



it was fun but why did the screen get small and up in the corner. it appears I'm not the first to see the flaw...


I expected something far greater than this, Gonzossm.
Between this and Rufus, I vote getting back together with Foreverkul.
You could make a game that would send another shockwave through Newgrounds.
At the very least, you could make a sequel to 'Toss the Turtle.'

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apparently, "a" is too short of a summary.

considering how much people suck (lochie), this turned out fairly well, assuming Archer came in at the last minute to help salvage the greatness that was still left. I say for what it's worth, it's awesome.

major glitch

the screen was reduced into one corner with the rest of the play area pitch black... next round the same corner turned grey and the rest of the screen was still black and made the game unplayable.

1 for you for having at least 3 rounds of a game that worked.

gag game

I see the novelty in the game, but it just seems like a little more effort could have been put into it.

It's easy and simple, and there's no skill and little strategy. The enemies never differ, just come out from different sides in slightly more abundance.

Your own hits do nothing, an enemy only dies by getting hit with the end of a combo twice.

The art and retro sound effects are cool

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
9:19 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler

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