Pico Reborn

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So i didn't really have much time to do this, so i didn't make everything i wanted, and gameplay is not do good. I started the work hoping that i will get the details done later, but i didn't, so the work at the beggining and intro might suck.

I am aware of lack of sounds too. Just couldn't find what i needed.

Well... now important thngs not mentioned in the game:

1.Game is supposed to take you about 20 minutes to pass, beacue i understand that there are more important things to do than playing my crap.

2.I had about month to finish the game, and it's my first work in flash i put so much effort in, but i don't expect you to care about that.

3.when you complete tasks, click on P-bot icon on the main page. The ending will show up.

4.Basicly it's collection of poorly made mini games, but i hope you will like it.

5. And yeah, i'm not good at dialogues, sorry.

6. Almost forgot: To talk to the Major, you need at least 2000 Popularity points.



the password is really "password"?? or isn't it?

Makakaov responds:

It is. I know, it's stupid.

pico reborn 2

will you make a second pico reborn send me a message


What's the password?

Makakaov responds:


Not bad game. In fact, I like it.

It really wasn't too bad.

It really wasn't, especially being one of your first Flash projects. It would have been cool if the graphics were more carefully laid out, and if there were a little more gameplay involved, but all in all, I'd say this at least deserves to remain on Newgrounds.
OH. With one exception. I'm fairly certain - though not entirely so - that this game was rated 13+...and there are penises. I would suggest either taking the penises out, or rating the game 18+ for nudity. Just letting you know. XD

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Makakaov responds:

Ah, forgot about Collections. Sure i'll change to Mild Nudity. After all Ching Chong Beautiful had a paper bag addon, where on it was popping out a random image, and one of those images was penis. That didn't change the fact that game was for teens too, so i'll just put mild nudity.

But thanks for reminding me.

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3.22 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
7:34 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click

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