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Something i did

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Author Comments

I didnt want to do this so i know it is really crap

EDIT: uploaded old version by accident

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Not that good

There is no sounds and the background is bad fights were ok just add music fix the background and i will give you a 4 instead of 0


No offence, but this looked like it was drawn by a 7 year old.. Heres a few tips.
Try using a smaller brush size when you draw stuff, and dont use sprites, try making a simple stick figure fight or something. i know its been done a million times, but it's just what beginners do.
Again, i meant no offence at all. just giving you some tips.

lightningfast2008 responds:

i didnt want to do this really and my computer was messing up alot when i was trying to set up music and i got annoyed and just said screw this. it only some coursework for college and they know i suck at animating

My thoughts:

Love the animation! The camera was smooth, which was great.
It'd be nice if there was some sound, and the background had more detail/effort, though.