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NEO-C SVA Animation Demo

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This is a demo reel of various assignments I've had for my 2nd and 3rd Year Animation Workshop classes at the School of Visual Arts, both taught by Celia Bullwinkel. Each of the animated bits presented were individual exercises about different aspects of animation. I had several more than just the ones listed, but here's a quick rundown of the assignments I used in this reel:

.:Sneezing:. A character I created for a short-lived Thesis idea, but still tried to use him for this quick assignment, where were to showcase how we would animate a character sneezing. This was to get a feel for our sense of timing and decision-making in something as simple an action as sneezing.

.:Multiple Elements:. This was to show we could animate number of different things happening at the same time. "Elements" in this case meant anything goes, but I decided to be silly and take it literally, choosing to animate all four of the classic elements.

.:Match-Cutting:. Alpha and Zetto from my first big Newgrounds project: TvTome Adventures, return for this assignment. We were to animate an action, followed by cutting to its reaction in a different angle.

.:Lipsynch:. A short excerpt from my short film ".flaswf" about a father .fla file and his .swf file son. Just a quick exercise in character dialogue. We had many of these assignments throughout the last two years.

.:Weight:. Billiam and Meat from one of my biggest known Newgrounds projects "Go! Go! Parody Rangers" were used in this bit; one of two assignments where we were to show how weight affects characters by animating at least one character carrying a heavy object from one side of the screen to the other.

.:Fishing:. In order to focus on the movement as intensely as possible, as well as to meet the deadline, I opted out of fully rendering this bit, but I think it's one of my best. The assignment was to show a character fishing, similar to the sneezing assignment from the previous year to see how differently everyone would animate this action; this time a more complicated one.

.:Filmmaking:. The final assignment for my 3rd Year, to create another film, but this time only 30 seconds. I took an excerpt from "Scaredy Cat" which you can also watch here on Newgrounds.

This marks the end of my 3rd Year at SVA and my next challenge will be my 4th Year Thesis, which must be a full-fledged animated film, of which I'm already well into the pre-production. I wouldn't be nearly as prepared for it without doing stuff like this first, so thanks Celia and the rest of the class for helping prep me up! Also special thanks to Psy for the music. :]

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Oh cool!

Oh I didn't know you used my background! It actually sounds okay I don't bareef it!

Anyways - really well put together. Nice jorb.

Great Stuff

Funny Animation, just a bit short:)


Good to hear it's been such a good 3 years for ya kirb. Good luck on year 4 and I'm sure i speak for everyone when i saw i can't wait to see your thesis.

This rocks but

I never heard about this acount for your animations

You're pushing them out!

It was interesting to see you made two cartoons in one day under your alternate account. I really enjoyed this, probably only because I am a big fan of yours, obviously. It was really cool to see you finally reference TTA in another cartoon. I remember seeing some of those animations on your website(s) so it was cool to put them here on Newgrounds. You are obviously a talented person and deserve your place in this arts school. How nice of you to include the funniest part of the "Scaredy Cat" flash.