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A web cartoon I made that was originally on youtube. It's called Neighborhood Insanity. It's about 3 teenagers living in one house because of a test being conducted by some crackpots to see if three teens can take care of a house by themselves.

The characters are based on real people, their voice actors. Yes, even the zombie.

The quality sucks because I couldn't find the .swf file for it, so I converted it's video file that was on youtube into a .swf file. Plus since the converter is a demo, it's it black and white. Lovely...

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pretty good, kinda funny

"you know what he's saying?" "yea' he' saying brrraaaiiinnns" guy who asks facepalms LOL best part imo...

I agree on more work

Possibly having the voices sound a little more different from each other? (Wasn't sure if two of the characters sounded too much a like) And with it being in black and white, was that on purpose? It would be nice to see it in color but hey it looks decent enough. Just a little fuzzy also on the animation and drawings, other then that was entertaining to see. Keep at it, I see some potential.

MartinMario responds:

Thanks, I didn't have the .swf file anymore so I had to convert it's video file back to .swf, but since the converter was a demo, the quality sucked and it turned it black and white, plus that damn watermark in the center at the beginning.

The three main characters are all voiced by different people, based on their voice actors, with the same name. But the zombie and Nick (fat one) were played by the same person.

I'm working on improving on flash, so hopefully future videos will be of better quality


I loved that, the zombie punching, the part with the "yeah he's saying braaaaaains", and the singing all awesome. If this doesn't pass judgement there will be hell to pay >=(

MartinMario responds:

Thanks, It passed judgement, there will be no paying of hell.

needs work....seiously

Ill give a 5 cuz its alot better than alotta crap ive seen enter NG. But this needs a whole lotta wrok. Its got great story i think. and ur still frames are really good work. but u need to seriously clean it up. I can understand why the quality was bad cuz in ur description, but i think that even with the origanal file it stilll wud have needed work. but ill give u the benifet of the doubt.

MartinMario responds:

Thanks, I'm just getting the feel of flash right now, but I'll work on it.

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3.25 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2010
6:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Original