Prelude:Escape From AGE

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First try at making a real animation. It's a prelude to the first episode in the series. The basic story surrounds two siblings who escape from the labs of A.G.E (Advanced Genetic Enhancement) Inc.


Could use some work

ok here are some problems;
-its a prelude...but there was no hint as to what it was about.
-I found the graffics a bit plain...gradiants are ok but you lose intrest when your looking at gray (its a boring colour) mix it up a bit; apart from his eyes everything was gray or black.

Things that were good:
-It was a smooth animation with no bugs; and as it is your first real animation that is quite impressive; most noobs cant even tween right.
-The sound was a good catchy beat that set the mood and when you have that you dont really need mindless talking cause the music says it all.
-Apart from the grayness the character design was great and the movement was better.

so I give you a 3/5-7/10 welldone you deserve it.

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its good

its decent..no reason to rate it badly

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Five seconds long
No story
Very poor animations

For a first animation it could be alot worse, but if you intend to make a series I'd sugest waiting until you're better...much better, for now just practise and make small pointless animations to continually test your skills. once you've gotten good then you should start thinking about serious movies.

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2.58 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2010
12:53 PM EDT