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//EDIT: OMG! Daily fifth! ^_^

It starts out normal... then there is a spazzy guy... and things only go downhill from there. It took a while to make... hope you enjoy it!

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What was the motive for sabotage?

A trip to freshness

While fishing for any new ideas on scripts and films, you might get interested in this light piece of work.

During the screening, the viewer can deduct the film presents here the flaws of the matrix organisation structure, that is, how the work and organisation in NASA is being divided (between several project teams). Although highly unprobable due to the security maintance, one can surely imagine the cumbersome and sometimes mistake prone protocols that can bring utter destruction to the whole project. In this particular film, we have a vision of one of those "giant leaps for mankind" gone awry.

The graphics of the movie aren't anything advanced, but that doesn't keep one from taking pleasure in sunking into the plot of the film. Although characters are giant, solid coloured birds, they are given accessories and elements that makes them stand out more in the whole film. The backgrounds and surroundings were made quite crude, for instance the last explosion in the film, (probably drawn mainly in flash oriented programm) but the artist does have a good of using certain animation knick-knacks (for instance the last scenes in space). Theoverall for graphics would be 6/10

The audio consisted of several clear, good voice acts as well as ambient music in the background that upped the mood. Some of the effects though were outbursted though (giving the "cracking sound" effect, like in the intro), but they were only a few. The artist shows resourcefullness in combining that many voice acts and composing them nicely. Substracting the credit's song (which were made by Oney - nice one man) the audio deserves 7.5/10 (0.5 substracted for the riddicule of some of the voices, ie.: "It's going to explooOOoode" byt the astronomer)

Overally though, the flash presents itself, and the author, as a growing talent on the script writing scene. Given enough time, we might be able to see something good, as long as he also developes/employs graphic skills. Now that this is said, please enjoy the film.

Pahgawk responds:

That was an incredibly detailed review, man. Thanks!


that was so funny when the dude was using th ecalculator and the guy in the background was lik "dude shut up!"

This is some pretty epic stuff my friend!

The animation... although simple, was well executed... the story was great, specially comparing to most of the stuff here on newgrounds... Its part of my favorite submissions list!
Kinds sad how with the score you got right now, you could have gotten a daily 2nd... but anyways, congrats with the daily fifth! :)

Pahgawk responds:

Haha... Hello, JPB. XD Nice professional-sounding review language there. :)

pretty good

that was most good

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2010
8:53 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 29, 2010

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