Sonic Vs Mario FIGHT!

April 28, 2010 –
November 15, 2010
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Author Comments

[UPDATE] Damn! OVER 9000 VIEWS! 0_O heh... ya know what they say "Dreams do come true" I guess the Thunder Mario and fight was got this movie popular. lol

[UPDATE] ALRIGHT!!!! My first Daily Feature!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much guys for your ur support and congrats to my good buddies of mine. MasaAndMune, Gaming0taku, Phantominoid and FlameFilm. ;p Who know I might even finish off the training from that Mario and Sonic fight.... Or a sequel I dunno. >_>

[Edit] Thunder Mario sprite made by me. Sonic, Mario and Fire Mario are made of the original creators. Custom poses by me.

I dont know why I'm doing this I really DONT! >_< but hey since everyone does Mario and Sonic these days. >_> Why not I try it ya know. Anyway. This video gets kinda of laggy near the end. So... As usall quality buttons r at the left bottom. Enjoy!



That was beast but honestly i think you can do better with the graffics and what not sorry if i spelled anything wrong to haha

thanks for the flash, it fit perfectley, the thuder mario transformation was really cool

and no matter how ya put it, mario vs sonic = a tie

That was an epic animation, the sprites fitted, the effects were great and the sounds matched too everything too, most of all the animation was smooth, unlike some others Ive seen, keep up the good work. 10/10

cool i like fire sonic and LIGHTING MARIO WOOT

Thats a good one battle, can u just tell me whats the name of song at the begin of battle?

very nice animation with the sprites i understand that it takes a very long time to make stuff like that and very good with the tie at the end and the street fighter noises you can definatley make other sprite battles if u wanted too keep up the good work...

This was a good sprite fight, but one thing you should fix about it is how well the sprites go together, for example, you should have used NES style sprites for both of them. But that wasn't enough to bring down my rating, so I still say good job,

best sonic vs mario video ever!!!! whats the song when mario turns to thunder mario?

sonic would turn turn red but still good fight

This take you guess over hour to make it's very nice.Flash takes time to make,but good luck with those flash videos.

that fight was almost flawless because the problem with most mario vs sonic fights because that the maker of the fight likes only one side here's an example: a sonic vs mario fight mario wins sonic fan watches then complains gives zero for the score. Sonic wins mario fan watches the mario fan says sonic sucks. the solution was right there; a tie between them! that way fans of sonic AND fans of mario won't get pissed off and complain about it

I liked Thunder Mario. It was a good change from what we usually see. Sonic having a fire shield wa also pretty neat. The action was solid and although we didn't get a clear winner, I did enjoy the end. Not a bad fight at all! Great job!

That was epic and I loved that it was a tie; because when it comes down to it Mario and Sonic were the game icon pioneers and no matter what system you owned you have played and loved them both. Though Mario gets more love then sonic nowadays it goes back and forth between the two. There really never will be a winner between the two; it will always be a tie... at least for me. (Though Sonic used to come closer to winning then Mario back in the day, but only because I was a Sega girl before I discovered and feel in love with the world of PlayStation).


guess that makes him thunder mario or even lighting mario

Dude this was tottaly epic and even though the Mario vs Sonic fights have been realy out done this is the best one by far 10/10 5/5

lightning mario and fire sonic

I LOVE IT i loved the way that the fight boom pow so frickin good

Probably the best Mario vs. Sonice vid i've seen, the fight scene was excellent, great job!

just fuckin epic

This was a preety good video! Its worth a watch!

The flash was good but the thunder mario was a bit odd. Either way good flash!


This was a pretty nice animation, with smooth fighting and camera following, but I can't give you more than an eight for an overly used concept. Any other mashup would've netted this a greater rating, but I've seen this many times before. (Also extra points for using a metal slug background! +5 cool points!)

This is without a doubt the best Sonic vs. Mario flash I have seen so far. The animation is practically flawless. I hope to see more flashes like this from you in the future.

Oh, and by the way.....Shoryuken!

good but make it better

dog! the fight was awsome it could have been longer but man it was soo cool its not lag and thunder mario kick ass why don't other people give mario different power ups like water but thunder nice job!

IT'S A TIE!!! :D

Of all Mario vs. Sonic flashes, this one is the best and the most original for sure.

this is the best mario vs sonic fight i can find so 10/10

out of all the 100 sonic vs mario sprite flashes I have seen this is the most original and creative

I have seen so many Sonic vs. Mario fights, but this one, was one of the bests I have seen so far. No one of them was really stronger then the other and Sonic didn´t used the Chaos Emeralds. I also like the Thunder Mario or Lightning Mario (or however you´ve named it) concept idea.

Only critique point is the lack of a preloader that gets peoples attention.

Keep it up.

still niether of them can win its always ends in a draw.

Thunder mario is my favorite character in that flash.

nice vieo i lkie the lightning mario but the fire flower abd sonic combo you should have asked alvin earthworm for his version but over all nice job

i just saw this video i knew it was not lame like i said it would but everybody does sonic and mario fights but there all good or some <.< but it's a good video mario was the badass out of that fight 10/5

It is incredible - How couldn't I have watched this before?!

This is way too amazing! Nice one, Hurricane =)

I grew up with Mario and Sonic both and love them both(Sonic more though!). Even more than either of them though is the fight over who's better. And I have got to say that this is by far the best fight scene between the two I've seen so far- and I constantly look this up! Great animation and music to boot. Also loved how you kept the winner's circle open!

the power ups in the animation were amazing (thunder mario was awesome). this was alot more creative then most mario/sonic vids i seen. love to see a sequal to this and keep it up.

not exctly a fan of the whole mario vs sonic arguement but i did actually enjoy this.

"you are shock!!" hilarious.
you don't find enough hokuto no ken moments on newgrounds.
nice one.

Still not as good as Alvin Earthworm's but it was still cool

I really liked what you did here. A little advice though. When you're creating a fight, the key to making it flow and have that "edge of your seat" style is to create a rhythm in the fight. It's like music. You can't just slam down on a key board and hope for the best (not that your animation was like this, just using the keyboard as an example). You should try to "orchestrate" the timing of the strikes, how long each melee assault lasts, and how each melee assault concludes. Aside from that, you've got great material here and I look forward to seeing more animations from you.

i liked the move.
where did you get your effects?

Although I enjoyed it thoroughly, mainly because of the Unique Powerups thrown into the mix.

Since the movie has no Story, or any Semblance of Theme I'm going to Rate it based on it's Style and Combat.

Combat: 3/6

There wasn't any real pacing... Or atleast I didn't feel it.
The characters had no set moves or anything repitious so there's no real deadly dance I feel. There's no Sonic Avoiding Marios strengths whilst exploiting his weaknesses or the other way around.

There's no Sonic using his speed to serious Advantage, Or Mario using his Hammer as a main attack, Butt Slam. There are no real special moves. It's just Attack in a Semi-unique Way with Slowdown, Sound effects and alot of visual effects to support then have the opposing character break out of that attack with a Super and another Visual Aid to go along with it.

There was no real, Intensity. I pretty much waited for the next cool attack or effect to happen.

Style: 2/4

The Thunder Mario was pretty cool, I wonder how he'd be with other Elements or Hell if he got hold of some Chaos Emeralds.

What if Sonic got a Star? What if Sonic Ate a Mushroom? What if What if What if!?
That's how this movie makes me feel.

It's cool.

Is this sort of a Tribute to Proxicide? And the References were Hillarious.

as long i been on newgrounds i seen almost all the sonics vs. marios they were all super sutpid but yous was kindda differnt i like it very nice =)

This was great! Although i could totally choose a winner! It would be Sonic because a very wise nerd made a point, "Sonic, has attitude. Sonic runs hundreds of miles an hour and collects Emeralds and GoldRings....not stupid Pennies like some homeless person. Who do you want your role model to be? A guy who cleans toilets and picks up loose change? or a guy who beats up ROBOTS?!"-Keith Apricary. haha i love him.

i know why you made them both lose in the end its because you can't just choose a winner and even if i tried to choose a winner it would be mario because he is my all-time favorite, and it would be hard to actuallychoose a winner because the animation would be hard to create. besides that great flash!

I noticed your reference to fist of the north star. the "you wa shock" thing was pretty funny. overall, you did a splendid job animating and the creation of thunder mario was quite original (to me). excellent work hurricane! keep it up!

Epic, I say! I loved how they countered each other's attacks and fought! Hurricane360, you've done a GREAT job!


Very good, but the music and sound effects are very like with the proxicide's release "MK vc SF"... strange...

I LOVED the animation between the two and the creation of a new sprite. You sir have created a whole new wave of possibilities with "Thunder Mario". If I had to make a comment about the video directly, there is only one thing I would have added, and that's more power-ups for Sonic. It seemed as though Sonic didn't use as much power-up attacks as Mario did. Other than that it was an awesome flash.

Excellent sprite animation and a epic battle. 5/5 10/10

Reminded me of MUGEN, somehow.

Thunder Mario was AWESOME! my favorite part was when Mario tried to get the fire flower back from Sonic and Mario charged him. I've been looking for Thunder Mario sprites but YOU SIR! are a total Genuis!

I must say it's been a while since i seen a good Mario vs. Sonic flash fight and i liked the new Sonic sprite too,as for the fight it was entertaining and fun to watch and i liked how they used their powerups too,overall i enjoyed this very much and think you did a real good job.

This is why mario and sonic should never fight.

This was such an awesome fight and i read other people's reviews, and i honestly think that the people who rated it below 8 are wrong especially the dude who rated it 4. i give it a 9 because it could have been longer.

anyways that was EPIC!!! :)

It's not often that a good Mario v. Sonic flash is posted, but this is one of them, and it's not a copy of Alvin-Earthworm's work. You might want to tone down on the flashes when the characters physically hit each other, it covers up the fight too much. Also, you should try to improve on the interaction with the background, such as dust clouds or cracks when they collide into the wall or ground. Overall, good work.

i have to say that was so epic and lighting mario was awesome. you made him
look badass.and ending was like nobody won.you keep up the awesome work

but majority of the time mario was beating sonic, sonic only kicked @$$ like 2 times while mario did it like 7 times.
also the part where before they beat eachother, those attack effects that u used to replace sonic and mario, u should have used them better, it was repeating the same thing over and over again, atleast change the angles or make the attack bigger or smaller.
overall it was ok.

This is too awesome to behold, great work you little epic guy you. Since this flash was too good, i have to make my review too long (sorry).

As always, people are gonna complain because of Mario and Sonic battling in sprite form but i really don't mind, animating and spriting is the same in my opinion.

Great job with the sounds, i really like how you added sounds from Super Smash Brothers Brawl like Sonic saying "Step it up" and Mario saying when he uses the final smash.

Backgrounds were my favorite, glad to see you didn't use one of those cheezy homemade backgrounds. Fits so well.

Through all the epicness in this flash, the ending was the best. Making Mario and Sonic defeat each other at the same time was so great! nobody can complain over "Why didn't Sonic win?" or "Why didn't Mario win?".

Totally deserves it, a battle that awesome deserves a sequel.

=Comments= Through all the Sonic vs. Mario flashes, this one beats them by far. Don't get me wrong, i like the Super Mario Bros. Z series made by Alvin-Earthworm.

Overrall ranking - Like i said, this was epic so i give you a 10/10 and 5/5. Favorite as well.

There was nothing original about it; it was like a crapped down version of Super Mario bros Z.

The flow was pretty bad too, some scenes were too slow; they weren't fast enough. You made Mario and Sonic look weak.

The backgrounds have no resemblance to Mario or Sonic whatsoever.

You used too many power-ups; you didn't express Mario and Sonic's attributes that well.

There was no consistency, it was Sonic hit Mario, then Mario hit Sonic. What about combos and combo breakers? None of them seemed to have the upper hand at any point.

The special effects could've been more subtle.

That Sonic Emblem in the corner is an eye-saw, you don't need it there.

The ending was clichéd in my opinion

Next time please, do your OWN work.

Not the best Mario and Sonic fight and the sounds were repeditive but lighting Mario was BADASS! Nintendo should take that idea and make it a real mario power-up. Like the guy below me, the lack of talking was good. The fight was very epic and I like how it was a draw unlike some others. Good work!

I'm at a loss of words but that was just fantastic! One of the better sprite battles I've seen on here thus far. You took Alvin Earthworms battle system and added your own little twist into it and I like when artists do that.

So heres my thoughts on it:
+The fighting was fantastic! The moves were solid and it was not boring to watch by any means
+The music went great with the battle and it never felt out of place
+I really liked how you used items from both worlds of Sonic and Mario most flash artists who make these sorts of things only use one or the other.
+I loved how you didnt have a winner to this fight, you remaining impartial and letting it tie pleases all of the fans, if a Mario fan comes in and sees sonic won they will be pissed and leave stupid comments and vice versa.
+My absolute favorite thing was the lack of dialogue, I hate it when people doing these sprite battle flashes try to incorporate their own dialogue and give the characters false personalities and make them curse and all of that shit. In this flash they stayed true to their true meanings, BEING ASS KICKERS!
-I know I've been praising this flash thus far but there are still things I dont like or felt was missing for example: why not use super sonic? I dont mind the barrier power ups but some part of me felt that super sonic not being present made the flash feel sort of incomplete.

With all that being said I gotta say great job! And I wish you luck on your future endeavors.

Its nothing new. We have seen this fight (in different regards) almost infinite times now.

Your animation is wonderful, good fighting, good music, its just not that interesting. There isn't anything new or entirely original to this to keep me engaged as a viewer.

I 100% encourage you to keep doing this stuff, God knows I can't do flash BUT, try to do some writing, give us a backstory to want to connect to the characters we are rooting for. Make us relate... you don't have to go crazy with story, nor do you actually have to explain it. I just got the vibe from this that its nothing more then a tech demo to show what you can do, even though you do it well.

Thats why I give you a 7 out of 10. Its good, but nothing that makes me go 'wow'.

awesome work love it!
theres no complain :|
it was kickass!
no really it was a kickass
and yes im with JamesTKirkV2
making flash aint as easy as it look :S
Lithirion go make a better flash than this one
i doubt a lot you can re-create this
if i continue i could get banned ¬¬
..what ever
nice work man ^^

the lightning sound at the end was very abrasive, but I didn't grade ya down for that.
honestly, my favorite part was at the beginning with the fighting choreography, you're good with that. in the future, more of that would take your "good" movies to "great" movies.

The sprite animation was flawless, and the power-up crossover was interesting and believable. It appears to be a draw, but actually they both lose, as they burn to death in the wrecked city...

This is a fine example of a fight scene.
well animated
fast paced
good custom sprites
the only real problem is that its not long enough. I would recommend you make more.

Well, coming from a fellow sprite animator this was relatively well made and fun to watch. well done. ont the minus side you should considr shaking the screen for big attacks to add emphasis on the situation. other than that the animation is great
Faved +

Everyone is saying "great job" this is almost a complete rip off of mario Z. ...yes there are some differences. but not enough. Make it original if you wanna make a good flash....try again

it was great to see mario with a new power-up, heh i find this funny u posted this yestoday, cuz just a few days ago i finished my knuckles vs. mario flash XD

Your good. You got talent, but its a little rough around the edges. It's definitely not bullshit like people keep saying, but I hope your next flash has a little more polish to it.

Great animating in most parts, and most of the fight was good, but I think that the thunder flower and fire flower could have gone without, but really, a good battle.

Honestly I came into this expecting another crappy 16bit sonic v mario bloodfest, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. As far as story goes, it doesn't really have one other than the obvious, but I'm willing to let that slide, because the merit of the animation quality overcomes that... This was also a little different than most sprite animations I've seen before, I liked your use of the superstar saga mario as opposed to the super mario world one. Overall, great job animating, and it was fairly entertaining as far as action goes.

talk about a very good mario vs sonic flash. I must say this is BY far the best one I have ever seen. all the other ones are no where compared to this one. the art was fantastic. the music was fantastic, and the ending. I so thought it would have been another one where you choose which one wins, but this is even better, I loved the thurnder mario thing. but dont you think it could have been a fire sonic insted of a fire shield around him? [ just a suggestion] anyway 10/10 5/5. best one ever [ if ya wanna know what I mean by "fire sonic" just pm me] thx for a great flash and for people that say this is bullshit. fuck you this is a great video. infact it needs a sequel. to finish it. one of the greatest flashs I have ever seen :)

I liked it but im sad. I thought thunder mario would be weegee.

How the hell do people keep saying its bullshit? this is BY FAR the best sonic vs Mario battle EVER! I'd like to see you faggots make a better one!

So, let's be positive...(not like those two down here -_-)

So, you made a good use of the sprites, i liked the movies.
I think , like, not new, but fun to watch...continue the work but
next time, try to make a water mario....just kidding :P
In fact, you're good, continue the good work ^^

it was crap but well animated its total bullshit blue mario fire sonic just what the fuck

ausome this is asoume! team mario

Idea- Admin battle!

Well I loved the animation and liked the movie much. But I don't like when people make movies there ''Mario and Sonic'' doin abillities that they can't do. Like when mario became blue and Op... Thats something that have never happen in the series and will probably never happen... And when Sonic took the Fire flower... Thats a Mario item I understand that Sonic could be able to use it cause they are in the same world in the flash but i really don't think sonic would have become like that...
But even if I didn't like it I
still think it looked cool and don't get me wrong that i didn't liked it very good movie keep up the good work:)..


Idea: Shadow VS. Chaos 0

Honestly, It's the same average shit that gets posted ever since sprites were still popular. Honestly, sprite movies have recently been lacking in any sort of originality. Same Mario vs. Sonic fights ever since Randy-Solem, same Robot Chicken bullshit since Majin Picolo, same random clips just being put over running characters since GOD KNOWS FUCK WHEN.

Don't get me wrong: I didn't hate this flash.It was actually pretty well animated and everything. Lord knows I couldn't have made this or anything close to it, EVER. So yah, as far as the presentation goes, while this may not up to the standards of say, Super Mario Bros. Z or something like that, it was good.

But seriously?A Mario vs. Sonic fight? Really? Here's an idea: PLAY SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL.Yeah yeah, I know that's not the point, but whatever.And not to mention, while the animation was nice, the fight in itself was cliched also.Do Sonic and Mario always need to get powerups? Can't they just fight based on their abilities? At least, I certainly think that would be much more interesting. It's not about how much shit you can blow up, that's not necessarily interesting (unless I guess your a Michael Bay fan...which I am not). Also,the ending doesn't really work. And I don't mean the fact that they both die (although I DO consider that a dick move),It's just that it made the whole flash seem pointless, just having them lie there and die. It was also identical to the ending of An American Werewolf In London, which isn't a flaw, it just caught my eye :S.

Look: from what I can tell, you have great potential(I know this isn't your first flash, in case it sounds like that). And even though I'm proooobably gonna get marked as a useless review because I didn't give this the praise that everyone else is giving it, I sure hope you read this. Again, the animation was great, the sound effects were great,the whole movie was VERY WELL MADE.Unfortunately you had the misfortune of choosing a long dead concept of Mario vs. Sonic fights. Just my opinion on this, keep making more flash, as from what I could tell, your very good at it. :D

PS. Great idea to use that Sonic sprite btw. It mixes MUCH better with the sprites from Mario & Luigi SS Saga then the Sonic Advance sprites ever would.

Ah, it seems like nobody has the guts these days to tell the viewers: "I don't care who you were rooting for, ______ lost." However, it would appear that that's the only problem here.

The graphics and sprite speed were on par with SMBZ, minus the storyline. Usage of the long-forgotten fire shield was very nice, and your Thunder Mario recolor looked very neat and official.

Overall, I have nothing more to say. 9/10, and since this is actually one of my favorite types of things to watch (Hey, everyone's a sucker for Sonic vs. Mario), I'll round up to 5/5.

This has been the opinion of no one. Really.

i think the fight would be longer and Mario can kick sonics butt sonic is gay

Daaaaaamn!!! That was an awesome fight! I like the end. Both are the same power. Well if sonic had his Chaos Emeralds. And if mario had his Star. It maybe had been a very big turn of invent. Pluse i would like to see sonic look like Fire Flower in SMBZs. Just looks better in a way. Great job dude. Keep it up too.

you shoulda had sonic turn red when he got the fire power and cant mario just jump on sonics head and kill him lol

The blue mario was rally good, but i don't know... i think the fight could be more intresting...

not bad, but a bit of ear rape :/

why is it a tie? mario would of kicked sonics ass all the way to hell!!!

...and that's how graham crackers are bad for you. XD

On your daily feature. You already know what i said on YT so no need to write it again. Good job. This did better on NG than i ever thought.

Very cool, you deserve that #1, but fire flower becoming a fire shield for Sonic was kinda lame, maybe it's just because I saw SMBZs Fire Sonic, anyway, this is awesome, I hope you make more like it.

you should make a sequel or like tails vs Luigi or something along those lines

great fight your skills with the flash are excellent
would have been great if you were to put an option of who wanted to win but a draw is fine.

P.S. this fight looks like reu's evil ryu and evil ken (MUGEN) fights

It need some type of story .

That was an amazing Mario v Sonic Flash.
The fighting effects were pretty good. It's like Alvin-Earthworms Smash bros Z.

I think this flash should get a fair vote, i rate based off that of performance and detail, not on that of "this is old and not interesting, people already made this stuff".

wow best sonic vs mario ive seen
plz take note that you were awesome in many ways
what bothers me is that many people still compare sprite animator to alvin, it look nothing like it
i do agree that alvin is very good but many are as good as him: dont stop your your view at one thing

anyway im giving you a 10/10 aka the perfect score because your awesome and keep on the good work(lightning lad versus fiery beast lol)
i hope to see more from ya M8

amazing animation but reminded me a lot of Alvin-Earthworms animations. Otherwise Great stuff papi.

"everyone does Mario and Sonic these days."

These days? Everyone did MariovSonic's back in like 2004 buddy.

Anyways, It was put together quite poorly, I'm not saying that cause it's a sprite movie, I love sprite movies. All this has is a bunch of loud effects and spammy effects. Sonic with the fire seemed kinda like a rip of AlvinEarthworm.. Atleast it wasn't completely copied though :l

Meh, you kinda have potential, but really, this should be a Daily 5th at most. You just got lucky as hell people submited shit this day.

This SvM is straight awesome! You gotta make more!


these sonic and mario flashes were alot cooler before SSMB came out. good work though.

It's an awesome flash, but i think you could make much better themes other than mario and sonic (theres already plenty)

Like fire sonic by alvin-earthworm, there's thunder mario by you.

Amazing and very clever, not leaving a CHOOSE YOUR WINNER sign made me very happy because that really just kills the fun. Also very great animation it was definetly a force to be reckoned with.

A little cookie cutter, but also with something new to offer. Not bad.

dude you seriously need to make more that was awesome

it's very good and the ending is clevar so there won't be fights about how should have won instead.
and giving them both a power up of each other's games was a great idea but sonic using the fire flower was a little lazy made cause you just changed the color of one of his power ups.

and @ 19domi97
if he would have included super sonic he should have used star mario but that's pointless cause they are both invinsible in that state so it would just be a way to make the animation longer.

I like the animation and I like how it ended because we would have fanboy saying sonic should have lost or Mario should have lost. I think your average score should have been higher if the fanboy were not rating it low because of sonic not wining or mario but anyway awesome job.

this was awesome the funny shit is that so many random video games were in this one flash (Gunstar heroes, Marvel vs capcom, Metal slug X...) you should definetly make more flashes like these.

Incredible animation but I really wished Mario had won. He is great and you can not beat him and his universe. The problem I find with Sonic is that his games and adventures become quite repetetive and boring..... but he is ok. In any case that was a fantastic animation!

P.S. I also liked the fact that you used the Metal Slug background as their environment ;) Did not recognise it at first. Oh and more thing if Mario and Sonic did both die then you should make an animation called 'Luigi vs Tails" or Knuckles perhaps where they both left their universes to avenge their fallen companions. And this time one of them should win. Luigi is awsome and the idea would be fantastic! Good luck.

Mario won't have any chance vs. super sonic ..... why there was no super sonic T_T i hate mario ^^

its cool but i wanted to see sonic with the lightning too and u should have included sonics rings

i suppose thats fair, they lose and they win.


That's a good ending, it ends how it should being that Sega and Nintendo will always be equal rivals. Normally in flashes I can guess where all the sprites come from, but a lot of these are unique and please my eyes with candy. Nice creativity on Mario and his electric power-up.


this is so epic

Ever since I watched the Sonic vs Mario fight in Smash Kingdom and Smash Kingdom: Melee, I have been dieing to see yet another epic fight between the legendary gaming console mascots! The battle was intense and I hope there's another one out soon! One thing is for sure, the fights between the two seem to never get old!

But what I don't get is why did the main author of Smash Kingdom quit sprites? He was so damn good at it! I mean seriously! Anyways, bravo Hurricane360, bravo!

Intensity Level = Weak at the start, spiked in intensity in the middle and ended with a bang at the end!
Effects = Kick ass sound effects and intense explosions!
Pace = Slow at start, then fast paced, and medium paced.

Its so awesome, I'm going to vote 10, 5, and add it as a fav! Great job, keep up the good work!

i love that mario and sonic brawning i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thaaaaaaat

Cant Find Anything not cool in this fight. It was awsome for me and it filled every expectation... Nice Job!!

It's been a while since we had a decent Sonic fight movie. This has quenched my thrist and then some.

Still, it ain't perfect. Super Sonic/Dark Sonic could have made an appearance, and Thunder Mario needed more yellow IMO. Also, the ending was kinda anti-climactic. Still, the rest of it was pretty epic. So, 9/10.

loved all of it

Best of the week, in my opinion. :)

Read the title.

This was pretty good

this is the best sonic vs mario flash ive seen. There have been so many of them and this tops them. Great animation and use of sprites. Great job :)

fire sonic in mario bros z is better

i dont care if we've seen mario vs sonic flashes a thousand times, I still enjoy them, this is no exception. good job

Very good animation, very overused concept.

i admit this was a lot better than others i have seen but people shouldn't even make these. If you compare stats based on the video games sonic would win. And not even being a "fanboy" its the truth. You can't hit what you can't see. The End

I liked the video a lot, especially tunder mario, but i disliked the draw

Where this might be a little less of a score then a 10 and what not, I find my self as I've been getting into flash a lot recently, with a few small minor complaints. How ever I hate to be a guy who starts with the bad so good first.

The fight was well done, prefect movement, and animation work on a scale that I know I couldn't do if I wanted. It was smart, entertaining, and evening a bit funny. I was happy you stayed away from the whole "Super Sonic vs Fire Mario" thing that gets run into the ground, and even added a twist by making it "Fire Sonic vs Lighting Mario". The effects and the choice of backgrounds was cool. Another thing, the fight was just long enough, not treading into that long drawn out stage where stuff gets just to over the top. The backgrounds where cool, where not your own obviously, they still looked really cool and unique for the fight as opposed to the regular Mushroom Kingdom or Green Hill Zone battle arenas. Also, the ending was well done, made so not to up set either of the fan boys, and giving both mascots a certain amount of respect they deserve. If I were basing this off the fight alone, I would be giving this flash a 9 or 10

The Bad
Not a whole lot to complain about, but few things. First, no title screen just a button to get things going. Where it does keep things quick, I can't help but get the feeling you got a little rushed close to the end and said screw making a title, where this isn't a big thing, it would have made things look a little cleaner. Next about close to the end of the fight, you started to slack on effects, using solid color circles for your "colliding" effects. There were multiple other options that could have looked cleaner and better, again another thing that feels like you got rushed at the end. Last, as much as I don't want to agree cause he was a douche about how he said it, MarcyVF had a good point, the Mario vs Sonic thing has been done A LOT. Where everyone does have their own take on it, it has been done like six or seven times.

Final Thoughts
I would like to see something else by you for sure, what I would like to see is something that is a bit more original, maybe two random characters and pitting them against each other, like Sparkster and Earthworm Jim lol.... *thinks about epic fight between Earthworm Jim and a possum with a jet-pack* But really, all and all you did a great job, I hope to see more of your stuff here soon.

Screw watching video like game. I'd rather be playing.

better than what ive seen lately but im really tired of when either mario or sonic have a power up 1. they turn the basic attacks into giant fireballs ect. and 2. when one has a powerup the other one all of a sudden sucks and gets owned for 20 seconds people need to even the battle out and just use the powerups as a tiny boost and i want to add the back and forth effect when the battle starts off with one person only attacking and the other one defending then swich. you didnt do it as much as some that i have seen and also people please stop voting everything you like a tiny bit 10 im sorry use a little criticism but all around i liked it so im voting 7

This was amazing! I liked Mario's lightning attacks the best!!!

It's been done so many times before lol, it's so ridiculous. I was really hoping this was a parody, but it was another one!!!

1 point for the self-drawn sonic up in the corner.

Wish I can vote more than 10.

i wanted mario to win! but they both lost

That, was, AWESOME! Really brightened up my day to see that.

it's really good you used the metal slug backgrounds.

yes,storyline is very banal--make two great characters of the videogames fight,but the main--is HOW it made and i tell you--you accomplished. 10 stars and my applause

ok these fights have been done so many times but yet i thnik they keep getting better at the moment yours is the best ive seen well may nasf but yer this was good idea and for once mario did just win beacouse he had some power ups out of his arse but yer thanks for the entertainment

i mean i like the mixture of sonic and mario fighting street fighter style of ken and ryu and i liked it this :P

You wa Shock! (Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken)

That was like SSBB only 100 times better

only da best

And here I though only Alvan Earthworm could do awsome sprite fights. Superbly done!

Sonic versus Mario--an epic showdown.

The fight was intense and chock-full of special effects and action. The fighting was well designed and the inclusion of power-ups added to the flash movie.

The sprite based animations animated quite well and the multi-tiered fighting added to the visual splendor.

A story-line was completely absent; however, we can speculate that the backstory deals with the mascot wars.

Overall, great film minus a story line.

Marvel VS Capcom-----Hadouken,Captain Commando electricity,Super move background,"Ready,Fight!",Shoryuken,R yu's transfomation(flaming arm),dust when landing

Metal Slug X------Railroad with gate,2nd Battlefield
Metal Slug X5-------1st battlefield

Legend of Mana-----Mario's uppercut and hammer effects(purple explosions)

overall----very nice....first one I've seen in a long time EXCEPT the effects before the explosions in the ending,that was lame....very

yeah it was semi-reposted but it was still epic. the soundtrack could have been better

that sprite sheet is from smbz (Super Mario Bros. Z)

They then settled their differences and became great friends eating many pineapples every day. THE END

^i really hope someone else gets that reference. title search 'pineapples' if you don't... anyway, this isn't anything that hasn't been done like a zillion times before, though you did spruce it up a good deal over its predecessors. the animation was decent and i liked the use of powers (fire flower = red shield! of course!), but i still prefer mario and sonic on the same team a la smbz.

.....You've seen them all

I do like some of the different parts on it, compared to other ones liek this. this by far has better fighting scene... but... the others beat it with their story... heart.... and passion!

this is just a lamer version of the original made by randy-solem it wasnt that great after mario grabbed that electricity all it was basically him kicking sonics ass and then it was back to a draw......... ifu guys want to chec out the badass original then here it is-http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/v iew/28041

that was highly entertaining, good job! i liked the power swapping and the SF references and all the scene changing. however, i would have liked to see a little more fighting and less of the fx just flashing around the screen. I realize that this sort of thing is common in a lot of work these days including some very well known anime, but i am personally not a big fan of it. i actually like to see what's going on, not guess about what might be happening based off the special fx. but other than that, great work. one question: why was Sonic's head in the top right the whole time?

First time I've seen powers switched around in a Sonic/Mario battel. One of the best there is so far. Great job!

But it is still great, i am planing to start to do spriting, the only problem is the lack of the flash...

Watch MK vs Street Fighter much? :P

Still, very well put together, I must say... if only a little on the short side. I also appreciate that you ended it in a draw as well. Some of the sprite work was a little awkward (such as the effects from SF: 3rd Strike), but aside from a few little issues, you seem to be pretty much on the ball. Keep it up!

it was awesome i was just waitin for like a haydoken some where


i already know, sonic is OBVIOUSLY gonna win. So obvious, i dont need to watch this movie. And I didn't watch it. cya

dude, relax, im joking. yes i did see it. and i like how it was tied in the end. very cool 2 u.

I would have liked it the more simple fighting had lasted just a bit longer, but I really enjoyed this regardless.

If sonic had used the Thunder iten, than mario won't have a chance =P
And why didn't he turned into Super?

Anyway, best Sonic Vs. Mario ever.
Still... you can improve somethings... Like... How the hell there is nobody else? =P
Make Peach fighting against amy, in the back ground, things like this.

But 9/10 5/5, keep up the good work, hope see more great videos like this one. ^^

this great truth I liked.
good job

Nice choreography here, just wondering, what is with the sonic icon on the top right corner? Doesnt that seem prejudiced when its a fight between Sonic and Mario?

jejeje this the best battle of mario and sonic

Great work - I loved it :)

Pretty nicely done there
Really enjoyed :)

this is probably one of the best mario vs sonic videos i've seen up to date! good job!

i love the use of the metal slug backgrounds

mario fights sonic, sonic spin dashes mario throws fireballs.... every one of these videos is the same.

People think this review is useless

pretty good soniv vs mario vid. however why did you choose to use that sonic model i think it would have been better going with his advance or rush mode (in my opinion) and the action just seemed slow at times. but you definatley were original with it and madde it your own so overall good job.

For a job well done! I agree with Oblivienator, make more!

The best sprite battle between Mario and Sonic I've ever seen! A+++ . Maybe its because of the sound effects. That might be why its so amazing.

That was awesome! But it reminded me of the SF vs MK lol...Haduken!

this was the best sonic vs. mario thing ive ever seen. please make more with different people and powers. like master chief going against sora and more powers like ice, water, earth, and others. seriously you need to make more.

I thought this was going to be a normal sonic vs mario SMBZ ripoff that wasn't all that entertaining. Boy was I wrong. And I expected Sonic's fireball form to ripoff SMBZ ep 8's fire sonic. You put a unique spin on everything, and I'm impressed. I loved marios lightning powers. Everything went well. This was one of the better Sonic vs mario flashes. Nice job.

... or Sonic vs Mario, this is the most kick ass epic awesomeness that I've ever seen this does deserve to be on the frontpage.

... maybe i saw too much of these. Well u've put a lot of work into it and the background and effects are pretty good. I coulndt clearly see whats going on in the part where only fire and lightning bolts were on the screen. They striked arround but it looked to me like u randomly added some effects. The sonic face in the top right corner was a bit disturbing too. Ur flash toon is in high qualitiy, the logo looks like drawn in ms paint. It also could be a little smaler.

that was the most awesome mario ive ever seen! where did u get that idea?

wow dude, i didnt know u were tht good. I didnt even know that you flash. AMAZING. PURE AMAZING! 10/10 Cant wait to see ur next flashes! Oh, and also, on SGXP, can u send me those sounds or at least the link? that was Pure Awesomeness. Maybe you should make Luigi VS. Knuckles. Just a thought. :)


this movie was badass the animation and the backgrounnd really looks expectacular,the fight was nice and very oriyinal, with a great song, 10/10 withaut any doupt.

damn you know how to use your effects, the fight was epic, the effects were awesome, and you rock at animating. Nuff said

usually sprite battles are made cause they felt lazy but this flash is amazing. did you make the effects in flash. they looked cool or is it a sprite. with out a doubt that is the best flash animation ever.

Everything about this flash was beatiful and the lighting Mario was the best, I hope I see more fights like this one =)

this is one of the most badass sprite fights i've eva seen. this is pretty cool.

I looked again at the author information after the movie to make sure it wasn't Alvin-Earthworm who had done it.

This really is an excellent sprite fight - just... not much more I can say about it. The animation was smooth, the music was fitting, and Lightning Mario was bad@$$.

Great work!

Sure the animation was alright, but how would I know, there were effects everywhere and I couldn't see much. And, at least Fire Sonic wasn't all...red, but had that red glowing Megaman effect over him so you couldn't even see any of his actions.

But, hey, its pretty good.

Dude that was INSANE !!! I really liked it :) Great animation for sprite movie :) Thunder Mario was just pure awsomenes !!! Great work keep it up :)

now that i think about it there should be an electric mario

very cool and all but extremely unoriginal. ill have to give you a 8/10

The ending reminded me the first episode of fate stay night xD

Anway, great job

Never saw that coming man

1: i was gonna say the fight wan't epic enough, but then they used items. =D
2: after all that i was expecting a winner, not a draw. still, that was awesome.

This video goes straight to classics of game character vs game character. I loved that you chose the metal slug backgroung - fits the theme. Everythings cool. Could use a slightly more dramatic ending but all and all - enjiyed it.
PS whats with the giant sonic head?

Holy crap that was awesome!!! Please make more! It was perfect movement and amazing quality. Well done on this! It might make front page, you never know!

Shoot, that was a good flash!
Much better than I expected.
The setup seemed to have a tekken 6 setup, where you can go to higher or lower grounds
Good job man, that was AWESOME!!!

I like how you used the metal slug backgrounds. Plus, the way you made the flash made it look like an actual fighting game.

I also liked how you had them both faint at the end, which shows that neither character is better than the other.

Overall, good despite being unoriginal.

Good ol sprite animation. Is there any other kind?

I love it, I simply love it. You've got talent with sprite fights, awesome effects even though there's no plot (since when did we need a plot in a sprite fight anyway ?) I say it's excellent, you should start a serie with that.
All my 5s R belong to U, GG


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