Gate Of Apocalypse

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A mysterious portal appeared in the middle of the peaceful lands. The hordes of beasts riddled the lands. The era of humans was about to end. Only some miracle could bring salvation to the humankind - three heroes were predestined to be victorious!

Version 1.4.0

- game speed increased
- balance improved

Version 1.4.1

- Pursar movement was fixed

Version 1.4.2

- Text mistakes were fixed


Great game... but..

I really think that you should include more party members. Or the ability to summon or buy(Mercenaries?)some members. The one little guy you get at the end doesn't help at all, and it doesn't give me any relief mindset. As soon as I saw the Shuliken teammate I said"Great, He's useless!" I mean, really? why not give us one of the Dogs? Or two? Hell, I'd settle for an army of Parsars. But I mean, really man? One puny little Shuliken thing? Might as well be a text box saying, "Hey, you're screwed!!" -,- Some of the lower level fights are harder than higher ones too. But I guess that's an opinion. Great game, but some serious work should be done to your party. Hell, considering you get teammates... what, twice? three times? anyway, you could have just left that WHOLE thing out. I wouldn't have noticed. But then you'd have people asking for a party system too...

All in all, people reading, great game, play it... Levels can be skipped, and fought later when you're better, and have fun with it. One of the best RPG/Strategy games I've played on Newgrounds to date. And I play a lot of Newgrounds and RPGs :) Another great game to look at would be Tentacle Wars btw.

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It's OK

It's like most of the action strategy games I've seen, though there's one MASSIVE flaw... When you have team mates with you if there's no enemy to attack the round won't continue, cause the AI it's not programed to skip a turn :/ So far I think the archer type weapons are the best.

I must be missing something

I cannot cast the healing spell. This is not the best RPG I've seen... everything is so similar with the equipment and the attack is awkward... you should also have the range that the enemy can move on the screen... you have they can move 5 spaces, but then you have to go to the grid and count it out without even really seeing the grid..

The concept of going to each level and then being able to shop after every battle? This is just not that well thought out. I'm sorry.


is a

awsome game

Cool Game

The "Source" skill doesn't allow you to recover more than 100 mana, it works the same in all levels.

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3.90 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2010
11:53 AM EDT
Strategy - Other