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I wanna be the flash game

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I cant take this anymore 5 Points

Commit suicide 15 times

Only a scratch 5 Points

Die 50 times

Just a flesh wound 10 Points

Die 100 times

Ouch that hurts! 10 Points

Die 200 times

Time waster 10 Points

You could have white teeth by now


Die 500 times


Die 1000 times, put down your keyboard and go outside

Why are you still playing? 50 Points

2 hours of gameplay

Slow down speed racer 100 Points

Finish under 30 minutes, but I guess you're used to that

ZERO HERO 100 Points

you're glitching the game, aren't you? Right? RIGHT!?

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

I recommend you look at the control page before gameplay.

Decided you'd come on Newgrounds to play some games and kill some time? Think again. Here is a game that is not for the weak minded, it'll take all your patience and mental stability to beat this one. Do you have what it takes?

We encourage videos of peoples gameplay be posted on youtube for other players viewing pleasure.

Note: This game IS possible to beat.

Edit: I have noticed allot of people complaining about the control scheme, off hit tests, double jump reaction, music choice and bad platforms. Which just proves to us that our intention has succeeded.
Thank you.

Edit II: You guys seems to hate games that don't agree with the usual concept of how games work, this isn't an average game. Everything that is in here has been thought out thoroughly. But I guess some people don't like games they can't win unless they actually try.



Imma gonna Play the real IWBTG game right now coz it just awesome!!!

Fucking epic man. Nearly as hard as the original I wanna be the man!


this is a damn good game! all levels are well-designed and annoyingly hard! and you dont have to watch out for traps, you have to be killed by a trap and remember where the trap is! you have to try a level a lot of times to beat it, and after you beat it, you will remember the whole level, and at the end you will remeber the game as a big, long journey, like it was a year to beat each level! the dont look now medal is awesome too, but its not really a replayable game becouse noone will want to play on it again!


Video Walk-through, please???

There are those guys out there who specialize
in making video walk-through on you-tube, right?

Have you contacted them?

Can you put a video walk-through out there yourself,
o dear author,
since say you that this is beatable.




Wow, 2 days aint bad!

Great homage to the original, I can't believe I was able to beat it so fast! It took me a total of about an hour and a half, but it sure was brutal! I'm not sure if the original game was like this, but I noticed you were either a bit more forgiving and gave the player a little bit of room next to spikes so they wouldn't be deadly to the pinky-toe touch or if you accidentally made them glitch that way. I noticed there's a glitch in the Pac-Man multi-colored room all the way to the right with all the square platforms and spikes that if you jump to the upper right instead of going to the upperleft you can glitch through a couple of stages and wind up in front of donkey kong. Regardless, it was a fun game, and if I may suggest maybe a special Newgrounds edition at some point where you have to avoid tankmen running you over or pico shooting at you?

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