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FIRST OFF, the movie says its 9.1mb.. This movie is only like a minute and 19 seconds long.. I don't know why its saying its so big.. Any ideas on sizing it down? I know I still haven't deleted the junk thats not in frame, I intend to do that, but I don't see it taking up that much space. Seeing as I've posted a couple other movies that are like 5-8 minutes long and they are only like 2-3mb..

already posted once before, it held through voting, but what I want to know this time is, both the good and bad, what you like or don't like. Not gonna really change it much, but still got a couple things to add, but the bg music is the pokemon theme, which will come into play here real soon, but for now its not really much explained =P
But anyways, from watching the movie, please let me know if you think it needs sound effects, or should it be fine with just the bg music? If you think it needs sound effects, any ideas for sites that has some good ones? I know of a good one, but thats more for music not FX.
Hope you all enjoy..


Needs more effort and detail

Now a test is fine if you ask me, but i think newgrounds has a section for this sorta stuff, but as for what you are presenting, It was kinda {SIMPLE} in its design mainly and i thought that was pretty good but could have used more detail and effort in the design less simple is what i was probably looking for, The {MUSIC} was a nice touch i thought and seemed to fit what you were trying to put together, the onlything i thought was needing work as said just before was the idea of it just being a test and wouldnt mind there being more of a full version presented rather then just the test portion of things, and the {ART} was again simple so these are some more things you can work on more character is needed more effects and color designs just mix it all up and make it much better then what it is, for now nice test.

ake it more complex you had a simple design witch you could have worked out a few more details and more effort on

the design part of things. The Artwork needs more detail more shades and just more effort all around..

More of a test then anuthing else but for the mostpart pretty good,


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With regards to the size, how big is that audio file you included? Frequently, obnoxiously large movies are the result of someone including background music that hasn't been compressed at all. What's the bit rate on that Pokemon song you used? You could probably reduce it dramatically and still have a good-sounding song to play in your flash.

As for other things that could be using up all that space, I'm at a loss. There wasn't really any animation to speak of. I'm not sure how those images are being stored, but I can't see them using 9.1 megs.

zergtillian responds:

don't think the sound file is all that huge it says its 2.15mb's, but thats on desktop, not sure how to compress the music really. Its the full song, so it'll be like 3:16 from what I checked yesterday.. But I found the main thing for the size, like I was thinking, all the stuff on the sides that don't appear in the movie. I just started deleting everything that doesn't show up at the time to see if that would help. It did for the most part, everything is cleaned up and its still pretty big though.. Says its almost 4mb still, and there is still 2 minutes left of the movie to go.. I really hope I can post it all together, if not, gonna have to post it in each day of the movie, which I still haven't even put in yet. Seeing as everything you've seen in the movie so far, is part of day 1. Still need to add that heading on it..

Thanks for the info on the size stuff, I just really hope that its gonna fit like I was saying. You should watch the other movie I made, Bond Gear Solid, that movie is 8:30 minutes long (I think) and its only a couple mb's, no where near what this one is. And that has loads of music and sound FX, the Brandon movie is only 1 song in total so far..

Fair, But needs work.

Your animation needs more "animation" Its still rather simple. But I like where it is going.

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A test?

It was nice of you to make a test, but I really think you should not send flashes to Newgrounds that are just tests. The design in this was really simplistic, but I have seen worse. I will say that it was very nice of you to have that pokemon song in. That song has been remixed so many times with different versions, it is always cool to find a new version. I think the eyes look weird in this. They look just like little green rectangles in the character's eyes, so the art really needs work.

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zergtillian responds:

the eyes were realling ovals to circles in comparison really. If you made the window bigger, you can see that more clearly.
And the pokemon song that i used in this one is the actual pokemon: the first movie theme song.
So this one wasn't redone or anything

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Apr 27, 2010
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