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Work your way through 35 challenging rebus puzzles, can you rank in the top scores for time, tries, and levels completed. Show your smarts in this challenging puzzle game!

Cheat Sheet <3:

1. keep in touch
2. fat chance
3. side show
4. to be or not to be
5. forgotten heros
6. balanced diet
7. tuna salad
8. count on us
9. up for grabs
10. polka dot underwear
11. driving around in circles
12. day in and day out
13. howdy partner
14. long time no see
15. little big horn
16. tennis shoes
17. excellency
18. thanks a lot
19. neon lights
20. unfinished business
21. i before e except after c
22. good intentions
23. vitamin a deficiency
24. outnumbered 3 to 1
25. out of order

Now I left you guys with 10 levels come on!


Love these kind of puzzles

Was doing good, although some of these are a bit of obscure. Was doing fairly well until I got stuck on number 24. Might be nice to have a pass button.

2Play responds:

outnumbered 3 to 1


I LURV these puzzles, but the odd thing is, i cant even make sense of 1! i have 2-6 done and nor can i figure out 7!
1: toukeepch
7: nuh nuh salad
awesome otherwise...

2Play responds:

1. Keep in touch

7. Tuna Salad


I liked the idea, although some of them were a little different and off. I got them all though :P Top score of all time right now too XD.

brain bending and fun

Very fun. The only thing I would adjust is the ability to skip a question but go back to it later, or earn skips. I'm stuck on number 13 and it's quite bothersome knowing I can't see anymore questions until I figure out "Howdy Howdy".

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2Play responds:

Howdy Partner :]

omg this is difficult!

I only maneged to finish 1 and 4, but i really liked it

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3.48 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2010
11:48 AM EDT
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