Rolling Girl

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i've had this vision for a million years.
song is rolling girl by miku hatsune!


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Loved it

I love you for this you crossed My favorite game with my favorite Song by Miku. The artwork needs some updating it looks very oldschool flash but other then that I loved it.
P.s I'd love to see an updated version if not made from actual recordings from the game.

By far the best of your works I've ever seen.

Strangely enough, this is also the first one I've seen by you that didn't have cats in it.

Moving on, your art style is rough as always yet strangely effective and profound here. Simple goal, simple message, simple art...

I should have realised someone would have crossed this song with Katamari by now, congrats.

This is actually an extremely well done piece of work, I'm quite pleased. The lyrics and music fitted the video perfectly and I was especially happy that subtitles were included (many people just shove a Japanese song in there and hope for the best)

The only real flaw is that the art is too simple. I know I said that the artwork was rough and it worked but some more detail to the visual side of it and it would have been perfect.

All in all, an excellent piece of work and by far a major improvement. Looking forward to seeing what else you produce!


I've never seen that before!
and i've never heard the song, either!! now i wanna get it > w <
hatsune miku is awesome : D

I'm genuinely impressed.

Now, I was thinking "spam" when I first saw it, but there really is a case of "Don't judge a book by it's cover" going on in this very flash. The animation is a little crude in places and could use a little tidying up, but overall, it's a rather impressive piece.

The colour scheme was pretty good and the way that you mercilessly crushed the other clocks beneath Rolling Girl, enabling her to grow bigger was a sinister, yet intriguing part of the plot.

The lyrics were pretty well matched up with the subtitles, as far as I could tell. This will enhance the viewing pleasure of those people that like to sing along.

Where I think you could have improved was a little more time on details like the squashed clocks - they just seem like splodges of colour and don't really have much detail. Sorting that out would be a real boon for your piece.

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Entertaining music video

Hmm now this was a very pleasent flash, it had a more "MUSIC-VIDEO" feel then anything but that was the neat thing about it, i also like the black and white style of it and all, but also you gave it that touch of color that made it abit more then just black and white, now i cant say i liked the ending as it just seemed to "CUT-OFF" but for the most part it is pretty good, as for the "ANIMATION" its notbad, somepoints it seemed choppy but then kicked it right away so that could be me , and as for the "MUSIC" it was a good choice seemed to fit the animation verywell, just didnt like how it cut off at the end, so the flash was great even the "ART" was notbad at all somewhat simple style but overall still enjoyble, i enjoyed the entire flash as a an amusing and entertaining music video, didnt understand it much but it was enjoyed so nice job there. I f i were to suggest improving on stuff it would probably be adding just abit more color, making more of an ending when the music just cuts off, these are just a few things to work on, but overall i enjoyed your flash animaion.music video.

Also explained above, adding just abit more color, and maybe abit more quality on the sound as i did hear some scratchyness, and would like more of an ending as the music seemed to just cut off.

So overall a good animation here, like a music video, amuing and some nifty music, i hope to see more like this.


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2.56 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2010
1:19 AM EDT
Music Video