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The Muse is a coffee shop in town. The owner was contacted for an opportunity to have students submit work for his store. This is a piece I did for one of the assignments.

The idea is that the coffee can be tasty anywhere. It was to be creative, and inspiring. Let me know what you guys think.



i love the andy mckee

Andy McKee++

For those wondering, the song is "For My Father" by Andy McKee. The fact that this song is in your video increased its score in my eyes ha ha.

Stylistically, I love where you are going with it. Only a couple things that I believe would improve upon it:

Firstly, the tropical setting. I assume the little explosion is supposed to be fireworks? Maybe I'm wrong but I think it needs to be clearer as to what it is, confusion initially arose once I saw it.

Secondly, "inspiration in every cup" is a good slogan, but it doesn't seem to have any correlation to anything you've established in your video. I mean, you show that coffee from The Muse is great in any location, but how does that indicate that there is inspiration in every cup? Elaboration would be good, or perhaps a change in the slogan?

The only other problem I saw was technical - the play again button only replays the very end of the movie when the cup is turned to display the establishment's name, instead of replaying the entire video.

Otherwise, I think you stylistically nailed it. It's humble, artistically simple and a great idea. Good luck with the assignment, and great job!

Streetproject responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for the informative review. Also I did some last minute adjustments and I guess I glitched that "Play Again" button. Thanks a lot for your input. I'll be sure to put your critiques into consideration.

(By the way, that explosion is supposed to a a "flower" but I guess it was a bit of a fail right? :-P )

Nice and soothing

This could make a really good commercial. You have some real talent.

My only complaint is that you didn't put in a pre-loader, but that is not too important because the flash doesn't take too long to load.

Overall, good job. Very nice.


I like it!

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Apr 26, 2010
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