Kirby's Kruise

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WATCH PART 2 : /portal/view/599188

This is one of my firt flashes, i started working on it long ago as a kid, as you might have guessed from the graphics, but eventually i got better, even though you'll only see it if you watch the second part of this flash, which i am currently working on...
The story is real simple and candid as anyone would expect a kirby story to be, it is mostly about kirby making a friend and then trying to avenge his death... I know it is quite juvenile but it turns out to be quite entertaining in the making.
Hope you enjoy it, sequel might come out soon



great vid-now i wish i was kirby... :(
could kirby even do half the stuff in that though?

lyberty5 responds:

a little exageration on the use of warpstars but apart from that he could do everything, i guess

Pretty good for a first Flash!

Considering that this is another Kirby flash, and one that was probably drawn with a mouse; this turned out to be pretty good. Sure, the graphics were crudely drawn, but they were well-directed and animated. And this happens to be your first Flash cartoon? I think that you have a lot of potential that you managed to tap into, but could use some improvements. One, unless you are doing a ten minute plus flash with thousands of Frames, don't event synchronize music or use scenes (I learned that from Mindchamber). Two, you may want to get some Kirby Super Star sound effects for there wasn't enough of them and the DBZ-charge up will piss off DBZ haters (the site Rainbow Resort has those sounds). Three, you could use some more music for the second part; that is where the audio portal comes in. Other than that, it's pretty good.

What I do like:
-Nice pace
-Passable story
-Decent art, good animation
-Excellent fighting

What I don't like:
-The fact that this is another Kirby flash, which dipshits like Fawx will bemoan all to hell. Note: I don't have a beef with video game flash as long as they are good.
-The background music could have been streamed, and needs more sound effects.

Overall: Here's an eight out of ten, and keep practicing; you will eventually be up there with the likes of Mindchamber, Kine the Genius, Gel, and many others.

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For a beginner this flash is well done.. you have potential.

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you have an adept use of motion

and phaux motion effects, it all looks great, looking forward to part 2!
keep it up man!

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Alright, i guess.

It was okay, nicely animated but pretty poorly drawn, i know you said that's because you did this when you where a kid, so i'm not taking that part into consideration. So, Kirby threw Kunais with fighter ability? Since when? it was always Ninja ability that could do that before...Need to research more if you aren't sure for certain on things. Apart from that, good flash.

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Apr 26, 2010
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