Molecular Bonding

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I made this last year as a second semester Chemistry project, so obviously it's not exactly the usual type of flash video here on Newgrounds, but I thought I'd upload it anyway. Other people are boring and chose to make paper books, ha!



Considering it's a school project, and a very well done one at that, I will ignore the animations (since that is not the point of the film) and focus on the information.

You presented the information very well, so I gave you a 5, and and 8.
Good job sir!

Clear and Informative

This little "book" is very clear and informative about how chemical bonding occurs, its effects, and what the properties are. I would highly recommend this video to anyone needing to do revision for this level of chemistry in forth coming exams. Good work

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Aside from it being a little weird because a powerpoint presentation would have been easier to make and better looking I like the idea, and the information is very well presented with some nice animations. I think this migt actually be clearer than the presentations some of my teachers give. I'm giving it a 7 and a 4 because it's not very good looking or entertaining by newgrounds flash application standards, but as teaching material it's pretty good.

Looks Like

This looks like it's not meant for Newgrounds but meant for like a class of some sort. Still it was very informative.

i like it

as far as flash goes...it is eh

but as i was watching this i was thinking "this would make a really good class project" and since that is exactly what it was i gave it a 5

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Apr 26, 2010
3:28 AM EDT