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Adrellia Village #4

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Adrellia Village:
Season 1, Episode 4:
The Introduction

4/25/10 - The Introduction

Rory introduces the other knights to Drake. Also, Drake finishes some squire chores.

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Well, it's more of the same, with the slow introductions to all of the cast, with Sir Eatsalot, Snoozie and the others, though Drake now has something to do. You need to work on putting more of the plot into each episode, just to stop the audience getting bored to death with the lack of plot in each snippet (I can't even bring myself to call these episodes any more, which is sad in itself.)

The voice acting for Rory was awful - yes, there is an accent, which is a massive step, with a Norse twang to his voice, but the quality was poor, with the editing. If you need to re-record the whole line, do it like that. Persevere, don't settle for a half-arsed mess, when you're capable of a lot better. Short of employing someone to do a better job, you need to buck the ideas up yourself, to make it work.

Subtitles would be useful, as background noise made me watch it three times to understand what Rory was saying, though that's easy to work with. Some of the text based jokes like Sir Eatsalot scoffing his plate of food could be done with a sound of someone eating, instead of *eats*being written in big text. You're not a comic book, so stop acting like one.

There is potential here, so keep it going and show us that you're better than this!

[Review Request Club]


So, the introduction of the characters and the world this series takes place in continues. I'm glad I watch the episodes in order now, since it helps me to understand what is going on.

The major problem with this episode is the voice acting. When Rory was speaking, there sometimes where some awful static noises. Maybe try to turn down the record volume a tiny little bit.

Also, when Rory and Drake are in Suzies room, the text on Rory's shirt is gone, and in the next scene, it's back. Those little details are easily overlooked when producing an episode, but it should be easy to spot if you watch through the flash once before submitting it. Or maybe ask a friend to watch it before you upload it to Newgrounds. Because, even though it's just a tiny little thing, it can be quite disturbing if such things happen too often.

{ Review Request Club }

Still needs improvement.

Like the previous three, this was mildly entertaining to me, but could use some significant improvement.

As it was before, simple with poor animation. It usually didn't stand out, but sometimes it did, especially with that terrible eating animation. There was only a red blur below the character's open mouth to show that he was eating, which really didn't look like eating at all. The bed Susie was sleeping on looks pretty bad as well, mostly because it was just an image rather than something you drew yourself, so it didn't fit in with the animation at all. Other than these things, this has the same animation problems as its predecessors with bad lip syncing and a lack of leg movement when characters walk.

Mostly more of the same. I noticed some problems with the voice of Rory. There was one part in which his voice seemed to have been cut off. It sounds like he says "Well, for one thing, he never sto- eating." There were also some parts when the air was hitting the mic and it sounded like static. The voices were mostly fine otherwise, and I liked the song at the end even if it is a little bit overused.

As usual, this episode was really short. Considering the file size, you should have just made the first few episodes into one flash rather than submitting them separately. I didn't find it very entertaining either. It was a little humorous and I was slightly interested as to what would happen in the next episode, but only slightly. These episodes could definitely be funnier or more interesting.

More of the same for the most part as far as the issues go; animation needs improvement and it's only slightly entertaining.

-Review Request Club-


I was forced to watch EP 3 in order to know what's going on in this EP. Honestly, it makes me want to watch the rest of the episodes.

Animation: 7/10

First, I've noticed that the movement of the voices were not in symphasy with the voices. You could to some fixing there. The guy that eats forever eats a red blurring light, so you might want to make it look a bit realistic and make the dude move his hand with his spoon/fork and slowly. The art was basic and smooth. The bed that Susie sleeps on is from a photo or something and it should be replaced with a flash bed you can make. It would look better then. Drake and Rory shouldn't move like that at the part where they were talking about the guy eating forever. Also, make the characters move more realistic. Their legs should move and not soar through the air (lol)

Music/Voice: 7/10

Yes, this is the major downfall of this flash. First, the voices of the actor is broken, so maybe tell the actor to clean his throat to let him talk a bit smoother. Second, the air kept hitting the mic in most parts of the flash. You'll need a pro mic to fix this problem. Also, stand one meter away from the mic and speak loudly instead of talking quietly close to the mic. This is how to prevent the air hitting the mic, and making it sound rough. The music was good, though.

Plot: 9/10

The plot was good, but the only thing that could have gone better is its time. You can put EP 1, 2, 3 and 4 in one flash, since each uses around 1.5 MB. Or maybe 5 in 1 flash. This would make the viewer much confortable and can enjoy the series easier than many seperate flashes. For the rest, good job.

Major improvements needed:
--voice quality (prevent voice from sounding rough)
--flash quality (mouth movement, removement of real objects from real life, and movement of characters)

So, a 7/10, 3/5. Good job, but improve it to make it better!

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--grammar and spelling not revised.


The ending made me laugh.You need to step your joke game up tho.