Babs n' Eustace Tell 'Em

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Babs n' Eustace give you powerful life morals for the modern black man on the go. Asalamalakum.

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I really don't know what to make of this video. It's not bad, but I don't get what you were trying to say. Why are these two characters elderly freaks of nature, and what the hell are they talking about!? I will say that their gibberish sounds funny as hell.


im not sure what to think of this... im slightly scared right now im not sure ... mostly just at a loss for words. i couldnt laugh at it but i cant say it was terrible. Still i cant say crap about it reguardless good or bad. Just at a loss for words.

fuckin nasty cheese like bruscetta

and here come the night terrors. Interesting use of vcam? Love you dawg.

JazLyte responds:

mWAHAHAHA, something something something complete. Love you too nukka.


I laughed, I cried, I was disturbed out of my mind. They shouldn't allow you to put such disturbing material on the internet. This is serious business people.

What made you submit this?

JazLyte responds:

lol I would've been happy if you just cried. i just make spam to blow off steam while I'm working on my real shit that takes about 6+ months


This is great!!! I loved the grammas bloaded belly. I think it looks really funny. I also enjoy the guy with the claw hook. Ahahahahaha I love voicing and such. It's so fun, but even more then that is doing the voices and having you there laughing as I make them. Seriously, it's too funny. Ahahahahahahahahaha

JazLyte responds:

wait who are you