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The Italian campaign

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ok so i resubmited this due to a glitch involving the americans, i tryed editing but that didnt change anything and so i removed and resubmited my project, so as i said before, school project, ignore any "hear about it later" im not trying to be racist i am just trying to explain the topic in a way that will intrest the audience, i dont swear in this but at one point i say "spuked", this is an audio problem, its supposed to say swept up. tada! its 6-7 munites so sit tight and this took me one 24 hour day, no sleep. thats it! *yawn* im going to go to sleep... or bang my head against the wall, which ever i make it to first.

PS: I am canadian, i do not live in an igloo, i have never eaten whale blubber, i do like maple syrup, i find it hilarious when the first thing that an american says to me is about hockey, and most importantly... I DO SAY EH!

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Cool animation, music fit well, art could use work, but the thing that annoyed me the most was the voiceacting. Half the time I couldn't hear what was being said.

Broddiccus responds:

sorry im new to the whole animation thing, cant find a way to improve the audio, tryed my best though


It's educational and fun.The art isn't very good but it fits the video.

i leanred

you make a very nice video. good job do one on the russian campaign

Broddiccus responds:

uhh... no thanks im more interested in getting into the comedy half of things...

Really Nice

I really liked this. Very informative, as well as a bit entertaining. It had a very Charlie Brown kind of feel to it, which was nice. You did a very nice job narrating as well. I think you deserve a good grade, so hopefully you get one. Nice job.

Broddiccus responds:

Charlie Brown?! thats definitly not what i was going for but... what ever floats your boat...:p