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The Great Pursuit

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Hello, Adding another game. All sprites and graphics are credited and are not done by me and I am not taking any credit for them or claiming as my own. try to out run the General's army as he will call in more and more to take you out.

Increased the rate of attack.

Right Left Arrow Keys

Up Arrow Key

Down Arrow Key

Knife Slash
A Key

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wooo that could be really awesome

just a few things:
>make the attack respond stantly
>add animations for when he run faster and slower, or just make it so he change the animation speed when he change the running speed
> that jumping animation looks really cool when doing ti as a backflip, but when runnig foward its just lame, make it so its diferent when he jump foward
and anothers things around i hope you figure out!

Controlls matter.

the game was great and the graphics are great. But the controls are quite chunky. If the attack controlls were better this would of have been a GREAT game. Is there any way to speed the attack speed up?? Do tell us!

shifthappans responds:

I didn't want people to just spam attack attack attack, and get a I win button but now looking back I don't see why it wouldn't be that bad of an idea its not like it would break the game. Thank you for your comments.

Why is the attack so delayed?

The graphics are good but it takes so long for the knife to swipe out that it feels sluggish rather than exciting.

Every successful game out there that has attacks has the weapons respond instantly, I really think you should redesign the primary attack. The only time a delayed attack really makes sense is when it's something really powerful like a BFG.

shifthappans responds:

Thank you for the heads up, I will def look into that.

this is crazy

I Knew I was Done from the minute that tank came in how do you get rid of it?

shifthappans responds:

You can't really get away from it you just have to keep running forward with the right arrow key and this moves the tank backwards away from you