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Penguins Attack TD 2

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Once again the penguins are waging war on the human race.. Were not sure why, or who's funding them but one things for.. they want to wipe us out!!.

Unlock loads of levels,towers and upgrades to aid you in your mission to stop these squid scented scoundrels..

Hope you have fun with it..

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Love it

This one is better than your newest version of penguins attack. Its harder and requires a lot of strategy. I played it for weeks.

Your new one i finished in less than an hour.

hard but addictive.

I keep coming back to this one. One bug: On level 6, the last tank went through my whole gauntlet taking no damage at all. It cost me the only life I lost on that level.

Not Bad

I have a bug to report: On level 4, the first wave of helis spawned at the top of the map and flew off the map to the right. The second wave of helis spawned at the top and headed toward the bottom.

Other than that, I'm finding this game very hard. I'm at player level 13 and finding level 4 impossible to win. Maybe I'm just not very good, though.

argh! Boss number 6! 6! 6!

Pretty addictive and challenging. For a while I thought I have it under control, but no! There's more coming!

I haven't managed yet to unlock last bonus level, and I haven't killed the boss number 6... but I will!!!

What Can I say...

2 Months ago I reviewed the original Penguin TD game and i gave it a 9. Why not a 10? Because I felt it was too easy. This new version of the game not only addresses that problem, but also adds a number of interesting new features to the game as well.

In terms of the difficulty, I was able to complete the all first Penguin TD's levels with mostly machine gun towers and a few missile towers. When I tried the Machine gun tactic here, I succeded on the first level, but got completely massacred in level 2 and the first bonus level. You've definatly uped the difficulty level of the game, and I like that. It makes the game much more challenging and much more satisfying to complete. I had to develop my strategy for each level in order to be successful. That's what it should be like.

In terms of new features, I'm glad that we now get to start the levels manually, without having to hurridly set up some towers in the first 20 seconds. Being able to call in waves early is also a good feature, as it can help to rake in money faster. The leveling system is also a good new feature, as it gives the player something else to aim for, other than just the completion of the level.

Overall, you've definatly improved the game, and moved my rating up from a 9 to a 10. Great job, i hope to see other games from you.