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Knuckles Vs. Mario

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ERROR: Link to ShadeFalcon isnt working for some reason, ill try nd fix it if not, http://shadefalcon.newgro unds.com/ is the link to his profile....watch his kick ass series, Dawning of Darkness!

http://shadefalcon.newgro unds.com/

Im proud to say, my fighting project is finally complete!

this is by far my best flash, i put alot of effort into it! and yes, i did get permission from ShadeFalcon to use his sprites, SFX, ect., im helpin him too, just w8 till DoD 5 P2, u will see wat i mean :]

I can still see i need improvement, no worries i knw, but admit tht i HAVE got way bettr :]


ERROR: Sound is moving slowly! didnt do tht in preview! ill fix this soon!

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Mr. Luigi?

This animation is epic as hell, i love it, also why di Mr. Luigi save Mario he would only save Mr. Mario :P

kirbyky100 responds:

I actually didn't put Mr. Luigi, It's Luigi pretty much dressed up like him. He wanted to feel heroic.


Really good, i loved how you incorporated an ice super form with the instead of the usual super fire form knuckles that most people use i liked and don't care what anyone else says about it. IT WAS AMAZNG! Good job! 10/10 and 5/5.

not bad

pretty good.

animation- really good overall, could be better in some parts. i hated when knuckles was making all those movements, it just looked really wierd, if you want motions like that, i suggest hand drawing it, it turns out much better.

plot-... well, like every mario/sonic character fight, the sonic character, in this case knuckles, gets a mario world item, that wouldnt be bad, if every time it happened it didntturn them into ab uber form that completely dominates the other person

sprites- well, im talking about ice knuckles, the sprites were very inconsistent, some parts he was glowing (which i didnt like, because the glow wasnt that good) and others he was just blue, so that was very confusing.

kirbyky100 responds:

i was trying to stick to a color pattern, near the end, i did......dont worry....sumthin no one has ever done is going to happen to mario XD just w8


woot nice flick man with a fash animator of your skill helping out with DOD 5 PT 2 it will defenetly be one hell of a good episode.
by the way do you have any idea when DOD 5 PT 2 will be out?

kirbyky100 responds:

i dont wish to cuz ShadeFalcon floods of PM in his inbox, but he says he will be done wit the Sprites in about a month, the episode will come out shortly after tht, hes not making any promises but he does promise tht he is making Progress, if u can help him send him a PM :]


Good effort

This reminded me of all the Mario fights before that glues the sprite community together, its fun to watch them evolve throughout the years.

Overall, this isn't a bad addition to that tradition, some things need to be worked out, such as the 3D animations, but those things will come. In time.

However, the one thing that kept me from giving you a higher score here was the snow. I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet but after it started snowing, the backdrop and the ground that the characters were standing on were a layer behind the snow animation, but the characters were a layer above the snow animation. I understand that you may have done this to keep emphasis on the characters and what they were doing throughout the movie, but I found it to be annoying as small details like that stand out to me.

I believe that these things will be fixed in time. Good luck =)

kirbyky100 responds:

I knew the snow was a bit messed up, i
was so into the animation i forgot to change it, but, ur right iwill get bettr thts my goal!