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Hex RPG The Hatred Stone

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Hi guys AdminAnt here from playtowerdefensegames. com

Hex RPG The hatred Stone is a new strategy game that bring you some Turn based strategy with a great leveling up system and in game missions. Buy new weapons and upgrade on each level. Using the Hex system beat you foe to a pulp.

Full in game guide to help players

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tedium does not equal difficulty -from an idle game lover. Why do I need to walk back to the village to heal? Most of what I can say is already in the comments

This game is very good, and is one in the area of my favorite genres of games. Nice graphics and an interesting level-up element. However, there are bugs and glitches that can totally ruin the game. When i get to level 15, there is no skills to select, no button to exit the skill selection and i am forced to start the game again from my last save point...total game-breaking bug. If there was less bugs, this would have 4.5 or ever 5 stars from me.

I thought the game was fun, but there was a few glitches that kind of ruined it. Despite that, I still enjoyed it, hence the 4 stars.

10 stars

this is very good

i give you a 10/10

very badly programmed

This game has a fine story and an ok gameplay but not very nice graphics and very bad bugs.
- t doesn't save the game correctly: when I achive something after saveing and then load the game, the achivement is only partially lost: I'm on the level at wich I saved and on that mission, but if I got a new skill I still have it and everything I killed AFTER saveing are still dead, wich can make impossible to continue the game!
For example if I have a mission to kill a certain amount of enemy soldiers, and I complete that mission and die after that without saveing the game, when I try to continue I need to kill the same amount of enemies again, but I can't becouse those whom I killed before I died didn't respawn!
- When leveling up I MUST choose a new skill even if I don't want/need to. So when I reach level 15 it's game over, becouse there aren't any new skills to choose from, but I can't continue the game without chooseing one (from a list of 0 elements!!!)!

So much about the bugs. But the gameplay could use some improvements too:
- Show the prices!
- An option to sell your stuff (or throw away). Not to get your money back, but to free yourself from bad hexes wich only occupy the space of the good ones.
- It would be nice to be able to ocasionally rethink the skill choices made when leveling up, becouse it's not easy to have the correct skills for a good combo.