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Apr 24, 2010 | 5:43 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 25, 2010

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Author Comments

the top of description:
in this movie I've used programm Macromedia Flash MX, textures from cgtextures, mastered fonts by Loronto, motion sequenses and periods from Samurai Champloo by Manglobe(thanx for informing), gif animations from gifbin, 4gif, sketching movement tutorial by K1ma, bg tutorial Nameless0, flashloops from z0r and others.

what is it:
Vivid and dynamic fullbody animation fight in a forest near the temple. Mongolian warrior stops swordmaster's meditation with his attack, and here starts the fight.

watching Info:
medium quality recommended.
duration 1 min 30+ sec. animation was done for 3.5 months. music used Litsa- prints gosplana. subtitles: English. I stopped animating sometimes and thrice changed the style- so sorry if it's too visible. I tried to change the conception of swordmasters fightings, we can see in animes and some films, where is no action only speaking and pathos, to only fighting.

I hope you'll enjoy this anim.

Ok as I could see the questions somebody has are already arisen, so I'll try to answer them:

please tell me, where is the difference between colour, line thickness or pure formless movement in attitude to conception of a movie I've created?
conception does not depend on form at all, form can be absolutely varieble.
Probably you will say, I also should mention all the colour patterns, and creators of macromedia flash including their parents and all the books of art that inspired me?

This work is a complete system I've created, and movement, motion, composition, colourscheme are atomic parts of it, that doesn't exist without a form.

And this form is mine.
Also some of those atomic parts were repicked from smb's other picks if you understand what am I saying, I've recopied them with the full understanding, what am I doing, making a copy of a copy, so I cannot really say where was it picked first. Versions you're giving are based only at the fact you've seen something with the same motion and just because this version of motion is more popular you have that opinion.

If you have enough time for things, like forum topics, comparing sequenses and mentioning all the atomic parts of smb's work with all of their repics- - its your way.
If you want to do it do it yourself.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Strikingly familiar

Well I am not going to say you rotoscoped some well known animes, because I have no real proof, but it seems to me that lot of the scenes were inconsistent. Some action sequences were really well done, but others were badly tweened. Imma gonna have to go through my samurai champloo dvd's.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Plagiarism is Plagiarism

For all your talk about form and color and its insignificance without taking into consideration the form of the whole, what you did is pretty inexcusable in my eyes. That is, taking another's work and putting your name on it.

This is tantamount to copying and pasting large portions of other peoples' essays and placing them into your own. You can argue all you want about the insignificance of form and argue that because letters can be arranged in limitless ways to form words and convey meaning, these atomic parts can be copied without discretion, but I doubt any competent English professor will buy it.

I can knowingly copy others' work with full understanding and know that what I am doing is making a copy of a copy and that just because this version of a sequence of letters and words is more popular, you have a different opinion, and it will still be plagiarism. Same thing happened here. Animation IS motion, so if you copy the motion, you copy the ANIMATION.

Tips for improvement: Don't steal other peoples' work.