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Edit: Big thanks for the frontpage and stuff like that.

*Low quality recommended*

After a few months of animating, I'm finally done my latest animation Birrus.

This was my first real "non-stick figure" animation, so I did a lot of experimenting with this one. If you looked carefully, I went from brush tool to pencil tool and back to brush tool as well as a lot of shaded and unshaded scenes, lol. Overall I think it turned out nicely.

I worked pretty hard on this, but near the end I got a bit lazy. I actually did the very last scene and first scene first. Which were also maybe the highest quality of animation throughout the cartoon, so you can see how the laziness developed over time. I also experimented quite a bit on lighting and I think it looks pretty good.

The hardest time I had would probably be directing every scene and getting it to look right. As an animator, I looked at the same scenes hundreds times over and I look at it so much, that I get everything that's happening without much notice which ruined my perspective of the timing... Also having an idea of a camera shot is one thing, but animating exactly how you pictured it is another. So yeah.. hard times on that.

Backgrounds... I got pretty lazy. Even for the untrained eye, they can probably tell I reused all the objects like 10 times over haha. But who cares.. it works >_>.

So yeah, it's not too long but I hope you like it. I definitely think this is one of my best and will continue making stuff like this in the future! Enjoy!

Oh yeah if you're wondering about the title...

Bird + Walrus = Birrus

That was the initial document name and I never really changed it cause I didn't want to call it something like: "A pink walrus that walks and stuff eats deranged bird of some sort"


the theme is The Pink theme for some of you users...
This is a cute with pink
keep it up

do you like pink panther miccool?

Is the theme "Pink Walrus"?

Pedobear was there...No wonder why people call him a PEDObear

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Pedo bear???

did i just saw Pedo bear when bird saw Birrus???

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Apr 23, 2010
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