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Play With Movieclips

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draw shape and try to cover more and more same colored balls.that will give you more bonus

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An Ok Concept and gameplay.

9/10 because, I am playing this type of game first time.

Needs skills to play

fun to play, but requires some gamer skills.

Not bad

this is a good game at all.


Not anything over imaginative, and requires a fair bit of concentration once you pass the second level. It seems this game was developed as one of those as to get your name highest on the scoreboard, as this is the only foreseeable means of continuing to play. I have no idea what the title was about, it was more a case of encircling balls with the mouse.

Neither interesting, nor working

Okay, when people come to Newgrounds.com, why do they come? A: To socialize with their friends and such, or B: To play some kick-ass games or watch some kick-ass movies!

Really, though. When you have a game that doesn't even work, what does that set the standards for? Basically, you're game is bad. And here's why:

Music: Irritating. Seriously, it's a never-ending loop of the same bull. Thank God you included a mute button, or I might've had to blow my brains out.

No idea what to do. Okay, so I was aware that there was an instructions button. But whenever I press it, the game goes blank. There are no instructions, and there is no back button. This creates two problems: Having to reload the game, and NOT KNOWING HOW TO PLAY THE DAMN THING!

And that's it. The game looked good, I'll give it that. I actually figured out there is a way to score points, by drawing a circle around 2 of the same colored circles, if I'm not mistaken. Even then, though, the game is still bad.

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2010
6:37 AM EDT