TFtTC Short #1- Monsters

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Tales From the Toy Chest: Short #1- Monsters

A toy Dr. Eggman does not believe that monsters live in his owner's home...

It has been a long time since my brother, Aaraboga, and I have made a movie: over 2 and a half years to be exact. Since it has been a long time since our last submission, we decided to do a remake of our first Tales From the Toy Chest short in order to relearn our stop-motion animation skills.

Compared to the original cartoon, we strived for better animation, better voice-acting and other various improvements in this movie. You can view the old version of "Monsters" here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/297184

We hope that, at the very least, you get a good laugh out of this. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but don't just say the movie stinks and not tell us why. Enjoy!

+Techincal Data+
Total Movie Length: 3 minutes, 17 seconds
Video Format: Flash Video V1.2
Frame Size=480x319
Base Frame Rate=24fps
Stop-Motion Frame Rate=12fps
Video Bitrate=200kbps
Audio Format=MP3 @ 112kbps , Stereo

P.S.- There is an extra scene if you sit through the credits.


in one of your songs...

you suggessed me to watch a vide from you but you know what, i can't remember......i saw the ending when the umm...dude? thinks it is safe to come out but anyways, i can't remember the name of the video you suggested for me and i'm too tired to watch all of the videos too for now so, deal with it ;)

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Well, at any rate, thank you for checking out this cartoon and for the great review! Tis greatly appreciated. :)

Its a win my good sir

It is definitely a win, the music was wonderful to choose from, the extra scene was hilarious.. and the whole "Clefairy popping out and having teeth" moment looked actually much more frightening

Congratulations, you win. XD

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Man, it's been a LONG time since the last time I've gotten a review on any of my submissions here. Nice to know people are still watching and enjoying these cartoons. :)

Yeah, that transforming Clefairy was something else, huh? XD I'm glad you enjoyed this short film and thank you very much for the review! :)

Thank you

Nice ending! ;D Ah good you added some background music this time! Always enyoable to watch. :3 But as mentioned before by Scyther voiceacting needs a little more workl. And just to end keep them coming!

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Thank you very much for the review. :) I agree: my brother and I need to improve our voice-acting. I guess we were rather rusty, especially since our last movie release happened way back in 2007.

We are working on doing remakes of "Enter Fluffy" and "Miscommunication", possibly this month. Again, thanks for the honest review. :)

Vary Nice

I truly liked this vid, it had good voice acting, and I'm a sucker for still motion lol Oh an I liked the after the credits short lol

It was a fun movie, I truly hope to see more TFtTC!


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DrMackFoxx responds:

Thank you very much!

There are more episodes of TFtTC in the works.


brilliant work, the movements were very smooth, love the gag very funny, i especially love the part where the monster involved into something else, i couldn't imagine how hard that would of been, but you pulled it off.
well done

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Excellent! Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked the film.

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Apr 23, 2010
12:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Original