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YES! I KNOW that the Ninjakoopas and TMNT are over-used, but this is all straight out of the game, no edits at all, just scene transitions. Also it's part of a larger music video I'm doing, and this just so happens to be my favorite bit of work I've done so far.

Paper Mario has always been my favorite game for the N64, so it would make sense for to do a tribute/AMV for it, so I thought a music video would be appropriate. Keep in mind that this isn't the full version. The .swf file alone almost breaks 10 MB, so this was the only clip I was able to upload from my full video.

If this interests you and you happen to like it, check out the full version on Viddler (link below).

viddler.com/explore/Magel eif/videos/24

Take care to fix any unneeded spaces in the link (you'll get a 404 error if you don't), it happens. Like that one between the 'l' and 'i' in 'Mageleif'. I have no control over it.



u did good with the editing the movie and i checked out the full video and u did a great job keep up thee good work man

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Cant say that I've seen that done yet.

I like it =) I think you did a good job with the parts of the game linking with the theme song. Great job!

MageLeif responds:

Thanks man. That's what I generally try to focus on in the AMV. If you watch the full version, notice how perfectly the events go together when Poker Face is played.

it was umm. a good start.

i can see that your new, and instead of shooting you down like most trolls would I'll give you my opinion of the video. For one thing, it was very short. It was also kind of boring to watch as well, and uhh last but not least, your title doesn't seem to match the message the movie is sending. How does the turtle squad in paper Mario contribute to the fact that this movie is a tribute?
In any case, baby steps.

MageLeif responds:

I've seen some Phoenix Wright parodies that use clips from the game (added with music), so that's the sort of thing this is based off of. However, what I don't get is that how those animations can stand to be 8+ minutes and still be under 10 MB. Unless I'm mistaken and there's some sort of image format that takes even less memory than .gifs.

Yes this is very short, and I wish I could add the rest of it, but that would bring it over 10 MB. Because of this, I put in the link to the full clip in the description. However, it seems as if nobody here reads the description, so I'll just add something to the Flash. To answer what you said about the title, it makes more sense if the full 13 minute version is viewed.


Smart and funny nice job.

Slightly amusing

I don't think this is really fit for Newgrounds since... well, you didn't really make it. This is more like an AMV, the sort of thing I'd expect to find on a site like YouTube, not Newgrounds.
And you should add a preloader to your projects, especially if they're over a megabyte. Newgrounds has some free preloaders available. You can get a link to it from the "Flash submit" page.

MageLeif responds:

Alright, thanks. I took your advice and implemented a pre-loader into it.

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Apr 22, 2010
3:22 PM EDT
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