Avatar vs. Avatar

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This is an animated video blog I made for my cat. It's simple and fun, now if it could just pay the bills.


I Like It

This video went straight to my favourites list, i like the humour and i love the artwork and voice acting. I hope te see this develope into something as good as foamy the squirrell (which i also love).
Keep up the good work.


hahaha dude you are so right! Also great animation.

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Nice animation and lipsyncing.

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In Summary: lulz

Its cheap and cheerful and I thought it was funny.

Make more of these... please.

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CurtisCarey responds:

The Cheaper it is, the more I can make. Thanks.
Check out my youtubes for many more Animations that play a bit better than the .SWFs
Milo's Blog can lead you there easily.

Very cute

I liked watching this one simply because it was so amazingly cute with the animation and everything. However, I do want to make an important point to you. James Cameron can really not be sued for calling it "Avatar" because neither directors own the word. "Avatar" is a term meaning the embodiment or personficiation for something. In the animated series, it refers to the title character (Aang) as the embodiment of the last airbender. In the James Cameron movie, it refers to the bodies that are created for the humans where their consciousness is represented.

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CurtisCarey responds:

Thanks, I aim for simple but cute...maybe a bit annoying as well.
I'm not talking at all about sueing anyone, I'm just poking some fun. And playing with the idea that My cat thinks it's Ok to call a movie Seinfeld. I get the whole name thing, I just think it's funny is all. Like M.A.S.H is an actual thing too, but if you made a MASH Movie, you'd probably expect some drunken doctor highjinx more so than some amazing CGI Thunder cats. I meant no offense to anyone.

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2010
11:06 AM EDT
Comedy - Original