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This is an animated video blog I made for my cat. It's simple and fun, now if it could just pay the bills.


If I may disagree~

Actually, the concept for James Cameron's Avatar was actually developed long before the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. He wanted to wait for the technology to get better. I'm glad he did. So technically there's no replacing or copyright, yada yada. Just proving a point. Cute animation too.

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it's true

this same exact thing happened to me, I heard about the Avatar movie and went to look it up and could only find movie info about the blue people avatar movie; I was super like wtf. Fortunately the blue people movie was awesome too (I thought it was going to suck so bad from the trailers honestly), bust I still can't wait for the last airbender.

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I like it alot.

Was funny, had great animation, and brings up a very valid point.

There's a ton of movies that do this though, like THE Fast and the Furious, and Fast and the Furious. Taking out THE makes it a whole new movie!

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lol heh

good true animation, and the last joke was nice. It was just weird when I heard this movie "Avatar" was coming out, I thought, ooo, they're coming out with a movie for the show and it's directed by James Cameron! And then I was annoyed that there is a movie for the show, and it's not called Avatar, and plus it's directed by M. Night Shyamalan... argh. I have a feeling one of the best cartoon series ever is going to be ruined :(. So please Mr. Shyamalan (sorry for misspelling your name) if you read this then please don't ruin the series, please if anything just make a cool adaptation in live action form. I think unfortunately most of the charm will be gone though since it seems apparent he will have to douse the movie with gallons of CGI, but if the movie turns out good I give him credit.

good point

that a good point to and i guess its all what u like more but in the end it will just be who has more money, wich is sad but the truth

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