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This is an animated video blog I made for my cat. It's simple and fun, now if it could just pay the bills.

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Cute and amusing

This was actually a pretty cute animation and seemed to get a few {LAUGHS} out of me, I did think the whole name thing {AVATAR} was interesting since there was two movies and such but guess those kinds of things happen in movies and since james cameron is a bigger director i guess its ok, as for being {SUED} i doubt anything would come of that but it was funny you mentioned it silly really, the both have differant meannings in there respective movies and toons ofcourse, but like i said it was an interesting idea and kinda silly the animation itself was cute though and i was entertained with it, lightly but still amusing and entertaining to this viewer and reviewer, as for improving on this, add more cuteness to it and the idea of the avatar word could be let go or something, but overall you have a cute flash here, anyways nice job.

Well it was already cute but adding some more entertaining value with some cuteness to it more joke like stuff would be anusing, other then that it was alright stuff.

A cute and entertaining flash with a silly idea.



pretty animation gotta love the fights with the navi's right

Fun and pretty cool :)

I enjoyed this but what you gotta learn is that Avatar has been names given to many many things. Just becayse Cameron took it for his movie it doesn't have to conflict with the TV series of Avatar the Last Air Bender. But yeah there will be alot of peple pissed off with that because everyone is like "Ohh Avatar is nothing but 2 hours of 10ft blue cats and name stealing" but it doesn't mean it has to conflict with anything.

Anyways thats it nice animation here :P


As a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I find that I can no longer call myself an Avatar fan without people's first thought being the James Cameron movie. Even my friends, who are also big fans of the show, are slowly losing the ability to say things like "Wanna watch some Avatar?" Slowly our terminology is changing to replace "Avatar" with "Airbender", which just doesn't feel the same almost sounds a bit forced.

I wonder what the UK fans do, considering their version of the show is called "Avatar: The Legend of Aang". Are they slowly being forced to call themselves "Aang fans" or "Legend fans"?

Well, hopefully the movie will be good. The trailers seem promising enough, I just hope they don't make the film too serious and forget all the humor that made the show fun to watch.

On the plus side, even if the film stinks, the good news is that a NEW Avatar (Airbender) animated project has been announced, so we get to see some more cartoons in the future! No idea what the story is now, possibly a spinoff, possibly a story about the origin of the Avatar, not much is confirmed at this point.

For sure

I get what you're saying I was thinking the same thing. good job

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4.00 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2010
11:06 AM EDT
Comedy - Original