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King of the Rocks

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Take over the enemy colonies to battle your way through 15 challenging levels that call for your skill and wit. Capture the mills to earn money. Upgrade your castles to speed up army creation. Upgrade your towers to launch faster balloons.
Space button for select/deselect all your castles, MouseClick for select or send 50% of army. MouseClick+Ctrl to send All.

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very beatable

why is everyone saying levels too hard try different strategys and you will get it

Try some balance.

I beat the supremely irritating three tower level only to find another one just like it right after. Most level were easy as hell, until these stupid rush maps. I had fun before I reached this point but it ruins everything. Next time round juts stick with strategic maps, rushing isn't any fun.

Pretty Good

game was fine... until I got to the level where you only get 3 lvl 1 towers and comp gets a lvl 10 tower.... They bombard way too much/too fast and the balloons aren't getting killed properly. so I just die can't really find a way out of it

Was fun... until -

Gets a 6 from me, was a fun game but unfortunately I came across a level which has absolutely no solution, I tried for ages so this was a huge let down for the game.

Anyway, not sure how far in but this level has three towers. Yours starts at level 3, theirs starts at level 5. Then you have the windmill in the middle which is also level 5, but they just bombard you so quickly within 30seconds its game over.


but unfortunately, there's a level that's unbeatable. it consists of only three things, your level 3 castle, an unclaimed mill, and the enemy's level five castle

it's impossible to win.