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The pilot of Human Ages, based upon my earlier short Beauty is Humanity.

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/525178

Kind of slow-going. 9.2 MB. About five minutes long. It took about a month to make. Custom audio by Gravey.

In the meantime, i have started two new episodes in which a new character is introduced in each one.

Xleek is just one of the many unfortunate Grey humans who have been hit hard by the economic crisis of 1002008 A.D. Will he find a job?

I hope you love it.

EDIT 4-28-10
oooh review crew pick!


So Far So Good!

Futuristic theme with some good, "modern-day" humor. Worth watching and did well to hold my attention. Graphics could be improved, but for a one month project the animations are well done. The voices also could have been better, seemed somewhat mono-tone to me. Up the quality on sounds and graphic quality a bit, and this could end up being a great watch. Keep on keepin' on!

that was great

Loved the BTF reference.

I wasn't expecting to like this

I was thinking oh another terrible sci fi flash
I didn't think much of beauty is humanity it sure looked cool but it lacked a storyline yeah
but this flipped that on it's head the story and paced (if not somewhat slow (the couch scene didn't really work for me)) the humour was good and didn't resort to being crude
my only problem with this was the animation which was a bit chunky and i didn't like the style you use ALOT of gradient and radiant fills and line tools and just simple tweens
I'd like to see some experimentation with varying weights in your lines at least if not use of the brush tool
perhaps each time period could have a different style of animation (prehistoric will be hanna barbera flintstones :P )
I look forward to seeing what you do with this series as it looks promising

EVanimations responds:

but..but that's my style. and i don't have a pad.

and beauty is humanity did have a storyline, its about our history and future, which is, yes, essentially a giant convoluted story.

and ah yes, you understood the concept behind the humor :D
what i'm trying to do here is see if the NG demographic will respond well to historical and scientific satire rather than cock jokes.

looks promising

having only seen this one (plus beauty is humanity) it looks promising, gonna try the first ep and keep watching.

like the humor and characterization.

about justjohn123, it's limited thinking like that that holds us back as a race. and this is the most ridiculous place to state your beliefs about the real world possibilities of science fiction concepts.

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This is good and creative. Pretty funny, too. I like how the humans, who are so advanced now, still talk like us humans today. Like how it sort of pokes a little fun at classic sci-fi but still is good sci-fi webtoon that does not lack that good feeling for sci-fi fans. Interesting story telling (not only this video in particular, but the other ones too).

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Apr 21, 2010
6:44 PM EDT
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