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Apr 21, 2010 | 6:44 PM EDT
  • Review Crew Pick April 28, 2010
  • Daily 4th Place April 22, 2010

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Author Comments

The pilot of Human Ages, based upon my earlier short Beauty is Humanity. /portal/view/525178

Kind of slow-going. 9.2 MB. About five minutes long. It took about a month to make. Custom audio by Gravey.

In the meantime, i have started two new episodes in which a new character is introduced in each one.

Xleek is just one of the many unfortunate Grey humans who have been hit hard by the economic crisis of 1002008 A.D. Will he find a job?

I hope you love it.

EDIT 4-28-10
oooh review crew pick!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it

I really enjoy where the story is going, and I hope it continues on like this. You say its slow gong, but I think its more interesting than a super high paced, action sort of thing. The only thing I think you could really improve on is the art. Using a photo of the milky way in the opening scene was very awkward, and the evolved humans just looked like standard aliens, but of course it is hard to be original with character art. Looking forward to a continuation!

EVanimations responds:

you missed the point.
what we think are aliens are simply time-traveling futuristic humans from a million years from now.
that is why they're all this uniform race of short gray people with big heads and scrawny physiques.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Could really go somewhere with this

I remember watching your original "Beauty is Humanity", and it really hit home for me; summed up my own general hopes towards humanity: that we're capable of so much no matter what problems we face.

But this series here can show so much more than simple hope (unless I'm reading too much into it). I noticed how despite the technological advancements, the "humans" shown here are essentially the same as we are. That could be a fundamental theme... humans don't change, for better or worse; we'll always have our ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence, but we'll probably always have our flaws as well. Humans just aren't and likely never will be perfect.

And I can see this being explored throughout this series... each time period showing people in a way that we [as modern humans] can relate. We'll always have our sins, but we'll always have our virtues.

And I guess I digressed a bit there; it's just how I think, looking at the big picture. Anyway, whether or not you go into some deeper themes about humanity, I'll be looking forward to this series. :D

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EVanimations responds:

thanks for the nice long review!

human nature will not change. when the two new characters are introduced, xleek will act as the straight man for the spoiled 21st-century native and overly pious 6th-century native.

however, "modern" humans will look very stupid next to Xleek XD


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Looks great!

The animation in this just looks so freaking cool and I like the premise/plot of it as well. It is just so sweet to see those big shots of the city overhead. I like the idea of humans going to other planets in the feature and then becoming like the aliens they meet on the planets. There was also a nice sense of humor to this. It took me awhile to understand what was going on with the "Play" button in the beginning. I can understand why it won Review Crew Pick and why it has such a high score!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's fine, but only if you don't care for realism

You would've thought that with complete manipulation of pretty much everything we have theorised right now, human nature would be somewhat changed and capitalism wouldn't be necessary.

EVanimations responds:

that would be called communism, which failed horribly.. that's not realism, those are just called marxist delusions.

no matter what happens human nature will remain the same for the entirety of our existence (which, judging by how the events in this movie transpired, will be the next 500 billion years or so) and will thus never allow for successful "communism".


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a interesting story. Especially, that the grays are human in the future. I looked at some of the other episodes and they are engaging and keep you interested.

I do feel there is some question that you may plan to answer. Like what happened to earth? Is it around or was it destroyed.

One question I have is this, and that is where the story does fall short for me, why does the government need a desperate alien, sorry Human, for this mission? You would think they would have a long line for the fist time traveler. That seems like one thing in the story to clarify. Is it that the far in the future human are not as much a risk takers as the their homosapains ancestors, they are not fixated on getting laid as the older humans were. When we blasted men in to space or to the moon even working towards Mars we had people lined up because despite the great risk and hardship of the trip its worth the prestige of being the FIRST. And if they are just testing would they fist send a probe? And if they need a test subject would they send a dog or a homosapain on a short trip to see if it does damages? I humored my self with the idea that if the protagonist turned his master down his master would say sorry but you know to much and you should have figured that when stepping in this room you enlisted your self and have no choice but fallow my orders. But is there any test pilots they have up front, people that are not underage and already skilled on operating advance vessels. These test pilot can be hand picked from the government without them noticing until they are selected and given orders. OK so he is very smart and it would not surprise me that everyone of those humans are with an average IQ of 250 but still it does make me wonder what there idea of a candidate is.

Well it may be looking too much into it as it is also a comic story. It does have the Dr Who or Travelers guide though the galaxy feel to it. And I still think it is a great animation and story. It is still a fun story to watch and I am looking forward to you new episode.

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EVanimations responds:

i never even considered any of those things... i guess the idea here is that Scientist Trox is kind of a backwater scientist himself, and is probably privately funded. There's also been a couple of hints dropped here and there that he may be less-than-honest.