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It's not a funny one. Sorry.

Connected is a short, 1 minute flash animation about the internet and connectivity. Sounds boring, right? Well watch it and see! This animation was a test in trying to combine the style of my simple designs in an animation. With a large focus on fluidity of movement and typography, which means it should look nice and swooshy!

I originally made it for the Animation10 competition, but I was too slow and missed the deadline :(


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Looks like the opening clip to a Tech TV show or something... Great work! :P


I've watched several of your animations, and at least 3 have been in my favorites for over a year now. You never disappoint, and I personally think your an artistic genius. I'm looking forward to your next flash!

Artistically beautiful

I thought I was watching an advertisement at first, but that's something that should have won a competition. Maybe next time don't procrastinate so much? ;)

well, i loved it

it was simple but it got the point across.
Good job
And don't lie... there was some subtle humor in there (such as the line "hans changed his mind" during the "like" pic)

Oggy-cheese responds:

Well, I can't help it sometimes! Haha.


Don't know if you would take this as a compliment, but this looks like it could be a commercial for some type of phone or electronic. It looks professional and awesome <3