Curse Village Reawakening

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The zombies have returned and once again you're put behind the barricades the fight off the undead. There's no escape, fight and try to save the village!

Use the [1 .. 6] numeric keys to select a weapon. Mouse-click to use the selected weapon.



It Almost Like I'm Playing The Last Stand.
Oh Wait.
I Am.

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hey guys i got a glitch

If you have like 2 melee, or atleast 2 weapons, switch them when your firing like keep clicking and keep switching and you will kill zombies way faster. and there is no reload time so ya :D

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I like the game and the new Upgrade system, but its quite to easy i think.

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It was 9 stars but....
You lose two stars for pissing me off, but this game is very well done in terms of what it SHOULD have been...
Major issue is that other than the knife for the first... what two levels? the melee weapons become pointless because they just cant dish out the damage they should deal...(IDK about but taking a Katana to the head, or an axe, but it shouldn't require more than one swing)

Major issue is that the game enjoyed slowing down even on the lowest quality(which is very confusing to find because u have to look at the website names to figure it out) whenever a group of zombies showed up,(and believe me its not anything on my end).
Another quality glitch is that when you switch it to 3(lowest) it appears that the wire fence gains an additional 5000hp.

The biggest piss of that made you lose star 9 and 8 was that on wave 14, I got glitched, one zombie that made it to the first barrier turned invincible till I ran out of ammo and axed the thing(which still took about 20 swings) and another zombie glitched right behind her(not at fence) and stopped walking and also became immune to bullets(but 1 axe swing seemed to get this guy), but after they were gone no zombies were left on the screen but the level would not end.

Other problems include previously stated things, damage is really messed up, ammo on the chaingun for some reason is LESS than the assault rifle?, melee weapons stink, survivors are only there to distract the zombies for half a second, ect. ect. classic problems, please make this the game it could be and send me a message telling me when you've finished :)


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Good but nothing new...

I played this game to the end, I'm confused by why the survivors cost so much with the most expensive survivor has a shotgun, where there are other weapons like the awesome sniper rifle. I agree with ShadowSpike, I understand shooting in the leg wont kill zombies, but at least it could do some damage. However, the dark, sombre tone of the game is great and remains strong from the game previous.

Good Points
The dark, artistic atmospheres is still present.
The freedom to pick other options throughout the map, unlike other games where they are linear and must follow the specified path, this game provides option for players to pick different routes with varied difficulties and zombies strengths.
The sniper rifle, was wow, a crowd clearer, could take out rows of 8 zombies and surrounding zombies in one shot.
The variety of zombies, is great from tiny scary girls, to elderly men, to spectres to large monstrous zombies.

Bad Points
The Leveling mechanic/system bit strange if not outplace. A sickle can be more damaging than a katana? Sniper rifle (awesome) but somehow when i upgraded my rocket launcher/bazooka, my sniper rifle was still more helpful than those two, eg bazooka would do tiny explosions not killing any of the approaching zombies...ive tried doing it on weaker ones and same effect.
Survivors, a nice traditional feature for a zombie game but would like to see feature with a level system with survivors in the sequel as well as been able to provide them equipment. Survivor with handgun in later levels, useless sorry.

All in all, good game, maybe some twicks here and there. Like the option to pick my own path through the game with varying results of zombie populations, the large assortment of zombies great. Maybe make a more enhanced, deeper leveling system with the weapons, barricades, survivors, and traps. Good work, friend, I understand the labour it takes to create flash games like this so 8/10.

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Apr 21, 2010
2:14 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed