Model X Beats Up Sandbag

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My Comments:
Yay, I improved a lot. This was just a test to test out like, smoothness and flow, also, physics.

Animated By:
Frank Pattiasina (Pattiasina24)

The Spritas!:
Go there! We are getting so much activity!

Programs Used:
Macromedia Flash 8
Adobe Fireworks CS3
Mozzila Firefox

Flash Information:
Action Script - AS2
Frames - 443
Layers - 14
Time Duration - 14.7

Model X Megaman Zero ZX Sprites - ripped by GregarLink10
Sandbag M&L Super Saga Sprites - customed by BlueKecleon15
Level 3 Megaman Zero 2 Background - ripped by Anonymous

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sound Pack
Megaman X6 Sound Pack
Megaman Voice Clips

Yakusoku Sareta Shouri no Tsurugi (Kenji Kawai Version)

Beta Testers:

Special Thanks:
Kaizachii - inspired me to continue animating this animation.
jemaster800 - inspired me to make this.
EXHellfire - inspired me to continue animating overall.
DestructionSeries - converted this for me.
ifureadthisdie - helped me when he beta tested it.
DarkZeroProductionZ - gave me sounds.
Audience/Subscribers - for sticking around even when I didn't upload anything.

All rights reserved, I don't own anything in this video. All items used belong to their respectful owners.

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man it must sucks when you are not strong enough to beat up a bad guy and you need training for the whole week or what ever. still very good one

I get it.Model x's emys are hard to beat so he picks on Sandbag.

Pattiasina24 responds:

Yeah, that's true.

great video

why does sandbag always gets beaten up

Pattiasina24 responds:

I wish I could tell you, I mean even Model X asked Sandbag and he just gave him a "..." so we'll never know.

not a bad start.

If you had actually finished it, it wouldn't have been so bad. You need to do something about the end. It just cuts to black for, like, no reason. Other than that, not bad. You should start a sprite series.

Pattiasina24 responds:

Yeah, but I felt it was pretty much complete, I mean, not much left to do. And yeah, I faded it to black, I probably should have faded it later on...instead of doing it so early...

Also, I probably will start a series when I get good. Thanks for the review though. :3

not bad

my biggest problem is how it cuts out at the end without any kind of indication, but other than that for what it was i enjoyed it

Pattiasina24 responds:

Hm, thanks for the review. Yeah, I was getting lazy towards the end, considering Model X has lack of really...anything to do other than shooting and dashing. I wish I had chose Copy X, because then I would have had way more ideas. Well, thanks. :3

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2010
1:27 PM EDT