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This game is complete fun with 10 difficulty levels and amazing graphics. Its a single key game. In order to complete any level the player need to reach at the other end of the river by jumping on floating objects. While doing this the player needs to avoid falling in river. To do so the player has five lives for each level. Its not an easy task as you need to have very good judgement and skills to do so.

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I liked this game

This game has a good concept and has an even better entertainment value, allthough it could use some upgrades and changes wich i ill get too soon enough, The art and graphics on this game were pretty cool, kinda nifty actually, The game does need some extra effort and work, there were some gliching like with the "JUMPING" so you may want to look into that, The music was notbad but also could be better theres alot of selection in the audio portal that could greatly help with this, So with all that said this game is ok but can use some more effort and more work, aswell as a few extras so try some things out fix a few of the gliches and it should be good to go, but anyways good luck.

There was some glichy effects like with the jumping, something that you could fix and make better, Add some differant choices of music, using the audio portal would be a great start for this,

Needs some work.

The idea behind this game is decent and challenging, considering the power estimation one needs for playing this game. I also have nothing to complain about the graphics. In fact, the graphics for this game are neat.

But that doesn't take away the fact that this game needs some work. For example, if the kid lands in the water, i can let it jump again and again. This way, i can glitch myself to the end. The jumping should be disabled when drowning.

The music could also be improved. You could make this game more fun if you placed the right music. The music heard in this game is a constantly repeating loop of like five seconds, that isn't very amusing.

Decent idea, but this game just needs a few more tweaks to become a good game.

Not good

Favourite part was making the kid drown slower. Not much else though. Try and fix the bugs and this will be a decent game.


This game is terrible the sounds are almost as annoying as the game play, you can still jump around after you hit water. Go revise this game. Cause its crap


The best part of the game was mashing the space bar when the boy was drowning to make him drown longer... But seriously - if this is a children's game maybe you should...i dunno... change the LIFE LOST screen. And the music loop is kinda creepy after some time. But all and all - good graphics, nice happy atmosphere although the idea is way unoriginal.

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1.46 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2010
12:19 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop