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*Added links to highscore boards for your viewing pleasure! And to challenge friends >:) or see who's better than you!

Fast paced action exploding puzzle game where the goal may seem simple but is sure to make you think! Blurst your way through all 30 levels and see if you can get a top time, share it with your friends and be awesome!


Quick and easy

Quick and easy game worth the 5 minutes of my time it took to beat. You could add colors, shapes, and levels just to make the game more ridiculously complicated and last a bit longer.

Lacks a lot

Way too repetitive, along with a lack of instructions and real point of the game really hurts you. If your bored and need to waste time, this game is good. Otherwise, not really worth it.


yeah the game is nice but wtf? I LOST ON THE FINAL ONE!!!!!! fuck it I QUICK ;)

Interesting....but it gets boring.

Its a good game in general, but it does get rather boring. Also, it doesn't really get much harder as the levels progress, sometimes it even gets easier. It just doesn't work that well. Also, I agree that some form of reward or something would be nice.

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Lack of trophies really hurts this.

The concept isn't bad, but is pretty dependent on the level design. If you had some more variations for the pieces (changing pieces maybe) and maybe had some Picross-like levels, it'd be much more challenging and fun. Trophies would really help also. Complete the whole thing in a certain time, with all continues remaining, maybe while never accidentally clicking? Like any celebrity, it looks pretty, but doens't offer much substance.

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3.39 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2010
11:57 AM EDT
Skill - Collect