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*Added links to highscore boards for your viewing pleasure! And to challenge friends >:) or see who's better than you!

Fast paced action exploding puzzle game where the goal may seem simple but is sure to make you think! Blurst your way through all 30 levels and see if you can get a top time, share it with your friends and be awesome!


Not bad.

Not bad. I got 4:26 first try (after dying once), a nice challenge

I thought!

this game started odd but i gave it a chance and it opened up, and parts were really challenging with the slight colour changes and shaped it catches you out, when your concentration levels lower and you pay the price for the 3 lives so you need to concentrate awesome game keep them comming ^___^

oh and i like the look its COO!

By no means a BAD game

As Hydracius said it has no replay value, that combined with how easy it is make this game a good one shot time killer.

I hate games like this.... they F with my mind

i don't understand how people say this isn't challenging... do all this with the best time.... I got 5:18 on my first try. But i also got confused on some.... damn it all to hell anyway.

Screw everyone else.

I thought this was an awesome game. Got very tedious and made me feel stupid when mixing up the instructions (ie: break red squares instead of red circles)

I would note that this game isn't exactly to original, and maybe one idea to improve on would be the instructions. Maybe make a 2-3 sec clip before the puzzle starts where it says the instructions; like the Warioware games.

I enjoyed it overall - Keep up the good work.

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3.39 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2010
11:57 AM EDT
Skill - Collect