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Pot Jam 2 - Whirlguy

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Frontpaeg Tihs Shit.

Here's Potjam 2.
Supposedly a collaboration of 2 people, but unfortunately Wallpaperman was so busy smoking his weed that he didn't make the deadline of 4-20. Yes, the filesize is huge. I've already tried everything to reduce it's filesize, but it's still big because it's a 1:30 movie of complete filterrape, and one small scene was half replaced with png images, just to make it play without having a huge lag(that scene's about 2MB on it's own without music).

Onto the plot.
When me and Wallpaperman made the original Potjam, I searched for a random image of a coffeeshop on google and used that in my flash. When Wallpaperman and me met up in Amsterdam somewhere in October 2008, we just happened to stumble upon that very same coffeeshop. Which was awesome enough for me to include it in here.
Also, all of the images in here are pretty much inside jokes. There's screenshots, photos and images we found online years ago, and all of them have a somewhat amusing history.
Okay, so that isn't a plot, but it very well explains what the fuck's going on.

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The animation brought me back to the older days of Newgrounds; love the timing, transitions, and filters! The tf2 easter egg gave me a laugh, as well

ohhhh mannnn

that dino is so blitzed, dude...

I want a cheeburger

Whirlguy responds:

Would you go to church, if church was a hamburger?

nice real nice

there should be a 420 collection becuase there are some brilliant pot plashes and the pots jams are up there peace and pot


HOLE SHIT IM TRIPPEN FUCKING BALLS...no im not but bad ass flash! keep smoking!

Whirlguy responds:

Yes sir.

Oh man

I want it and i want it now! Its hard to live in finland... But Good animation with funky and fresh colours :) I love the uber stoned look of pot'o saur :D

Whirlguy responds:

Thanks man, and good luck on your quest for the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.