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Carnival Tycoon fastpass

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Thanks for playing Carnival Tycoon - fastpass!

You main goal is to build all available attractions.

Instuctions/tutorial inside...

Have fun.

-corrected "total profit" display in attraction-windows (running costs are now substracted)
-no more costs if you try to build a path on a tile where you can't build it...

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Very cool game but Hard to obtain cash

I actually like that it is a rip off of roller coaster tycoon, it is like a mini version of the same game without all the game killing bugs that made RCT so hard to play. I would like a bit more depth in the stat screen, it looks like it was set up visually to allow for multiple tabs of information. Being able to track amount of visitors and happiness over time would be very useful as I can evaluate the impact of pricing changes and marketing. Also I may just not be noticing but does the marketing actually do anything? not much difference in the amount of visitors really...

i love going to shrine circus with my family till on may.14 just like batman forever (1995)

Not Bad

Its Kinda Hard, But i like it

This is bad.

A lot (if not all) of the graphics seems to have been taken from the Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise. You should be far more original. And I would know since I have literally played them all.

You really should create your own graphics instead of taking them out of other games. Also, the game is a little too open and sandbox-esque. At least the original games had some "missions" or goals.