Big Dog and Little Dog

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This is the first ever animation that I have made. I drew all the characters and stuff within Flash itself.
This animation is a student project. It would be good if you guys watching would give me what ever comments you feel would be appropriate, as it will go towards my grade. Say what you like about it, dislike about it, and what could have been done better.
Also, sorry about the audio, but I was only given some stock sounds. I'll update this video as soon as possible.
Enjoy :D


very good

I really like this animation i like the simplicity and pure funniness of the idea behind the animation, and it portrays a very strong message about bullying which i believe is very cleverly merged in to this animation. For me the only down point is the sound but even then i like the odd voices of the characters it adds a surreal touch too the animation and fits in nicely with the dog changing in to the monster. All in all i really like this video and i keep on watching it over and over again for a first ever flash animation i think it is amazing and am really excited to see how your work progresses personally i believe that you should be very proud of your self for producing this animation x

good luck in your college course keep posting your animations i will look out for them.

Sponge91 responds:

You are very kind Iddle Monster, and I am thankful for your critcisms. And I shall be putting more animations on here in the future ;)


i thought the dogs where doing some thing to each other befor i looked at tje screem then i saw just a dog saying uh uh this video could have improvement

Sponge91 responds:

lol, it does sound that way :) but my course only gave me some crappy sounds and that was the best i could do haha!

how could i have improved though?

nice, but...

If this is for a student project, try to improve the quality of the drawings, since this is a animation and does not contain many other things that can be evaluated, their (your profs), will definitely focus on the quality of the drawings, and if the transition between frames is smooth, and so on...

Sponge91 responds:

Thanks for your review dude.

If the course wanted quality drawings then yeah, I would have done. I actually do like to draw, and quite well if I may add :P But we had a set time, and knew fuck all about flash haha! I think I did pretty good for an amateur. Anyway, the course only needed me to make an animation that used motion tween (the bully dog running off), shape tween (the smoke increasing size) and rotation tween (the smoke spinning). It also had to have sound that was appropriate in some way. I managed to get the criteria all into this animation, so I'm looking at getting a Distinction (or 'A').

In the future, I may make a part 2 of this video, and I'll make some major improvements, including what you've just said above. Sorry, but I've seemed to have written too much hahaha!

Thanks for the feedback, as that also helps toward my grade.

Much appreciated :D


um quality could do a definite improvement! since when do dogs say uh.. uh...?

Sponge91 responds:

They do if you rip off their bottom jaw...I mean of course, dog's don't go 'uh'. Don't try that at home, MWAHAHAAA!!!

I totally agree mate. I had a small amount of time to draw my characters though. And the 'uh' was the closest thing they had to a bark in terms of what sounds they had. Stupid college :D

Anyway, thanks for the feedback dude :D


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Apr 20, 2010
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