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This is a sneek game, you need to shoot lights and use the shadows as camouflage. when a guard sees you, your dead. Try to avoid the civilians and cameras they will give you a higher "Alarm Stage"
A high "Alarm Stage" results in guards running faster and seeing futher.

Use the 'map' its really usefull.
Quality can be changed in the, in game menu.

Thank you for playing!!!

Please: vote & review.


Ok, but nothing spectacular

I had the same problem with getting stuck in the tutorial, but the second time I tried it worked fine. The game got really laggy after the 4th room I was in. I was also really annoyed by the totally random way the guards and civilians moved. I think you have a good premise to work with but it would be nice to have a gentler learning curve, and maybe makes some sense of the way the guards move. 6/10 3/5

Jedygamedesigner responds:

oke thank you, very helpfull review =)

Has a few major flaws

Being required to waste ammo on guards who are moving around like epileptic spider monkeys and are about the size of a pin hole is not my idea of challenging. After a while of trying to lead targets and realize they're about as predictable as a window-licking helmet-wearing spaz caused me to just pull out the knife and deal with them the old fashioned way. But, for some reason, that is actually against the rules and I was forced to restart the map. I want to know why I can't shank a guard? And why is it that they're moving around like they're high on meth?

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Jedygamedesigner responds:

I think you didn't read the text of the tut, you must first knife kill the guard.
After that you must Gun kill the next two guards.
I did this so you get familiar with both kill options.

The gaurds move faster when your 'Alarm Stage' goes high.
maybe you should keep it low, afterall it's a sneak game ;-)

Ok... now what?

This game has serious potential, but once I got to the "knife the guard" part in the tutorial, I was boxed in and couldn't go any farther, so my play time only lasted about 3 minutes. Get some of the places fixed up and this can be awsome.

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Jedygamedesigner responds:

Thats pitty, for me the box opens when you knife kill the guard.
I even played it again and it opens completely normal

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2010
4:57 AM EDT
Action - Other