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An Interpretation

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Made with Flash MX.

This took about 6-7 hours to make and is one of my first attempts at Flash animation.

It has:
Alpha shading

Its based off of a dream I once had.

Vote based on effort please.

*Edit* I changed it to "Flash" for all you conformity fags out there *Edit*

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That must have been a very strange dream u had, anyway just keep practicing you'll get better eventually

rollman6000 responds:

Thank you for not being a dick about it.

sorry but

if that really took 6-7 hours to make... you're working way too slow. Unless you're saying that in those 6-7 hours you opened flash for the first time and were learning everything. but if you already knew the basics and still spent that amount of time on this.... then im really amazed at how slowly you work. either way, keep at it: practice makes perfect

rollman6000 responds:

Thank you. I kinda learned as I went along.


kinda wished you went into a bit more detail, sport. all I saw was a line of people (who I think were wearing robes), walking up a hill, and later, all of them running from something (I guess). a couple of questions, why were they running? why were they marching in the first place? why was the second to last guy pink? I know this is based offa dream, and maybe that's where you woke up or something, but add on to it a bit more, make some stuff up! use Photoshop or something to draw up some backgrounds, people, and whatever the thing chasing them was.

rollman6000 responds:

I have no idea as to what its about, and thank you for the positive review


My vote of ZERO is based on the fact you don't even know the name of the software you used. It was short, graphics sucked, and made absolutely no sense.


rollman6000 responds:

I have a dirty mind and don't like using the word "Flash"

What kind of dreams do you have?

It didn't really make any sense at all and I had no idea what was going on. Was that supposed to be some kind of cult or something?

Credits & Info

1.12 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2010
9:56 PM EDT