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Larkmart - Tires

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Episode 3 is about tires, romance, jealousy and, above all, trashcan love affairs.

Got some new help on this one from the amazing Eric Bauza, who provided the voices of both Gregory and his mom. The immensely creative Scott Martin also joined, and animated this one, with Mark Salisbury supervising. They are officially in the Top 3 Most Bestest Larkmart crew members of the week.

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That is by far, the meanest cashier ever. He knows just how to get you to shut up, and leave him alone... and possibly never, ever come back.

getin' high

I don't care what you are smoking man just don't stop. Also, I won't complain if you send me some to :)


Is that guy insane or does larkmart do that to you?

It was alright

Nothing in it that actually made me laugh but i was amused.

Good stuff.

rubbing me with essential oil's

............BRILLIANT !!!!