The Last Fight: Final Ep

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Wow, it has been a long time scince I last submited a flash movie here! :)
This work was a major project for me, and it was trully hard to produce, but I enjoyed every second of this aswell. I pushed the animation quality to the max ( at least the best I could) in comparison with my old works, and I guess the result is pretty good ( you tell me guys! :) ). This final episode was supposed to be released by december of the last year, but university and work delayed me as hell. Now that I found some free time I finally was able to finish it! :)
The story speaks by itself, I dont think it needs aditional explanation. I thought the hole movie 75% action & 25% feelings, wich was a verry important part, if not the whole thing would have been pure massacre :P

I also leave you the link to the song I used, wich is from (Xenogenocide), "wake p to Reality":
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/318499

Awesome song! :)

So thats it,

Thanks for watching & hope you enjoy this movie as much as i enjoyed making it!

Edit: wow, daily 3rd place, frontpaged, and top 15 week ending!
Thats much more than I expected! :) Thank you all for your reviews and feedback I really appreciate them!.

I will try to clear out some things about this animation.
Facts: I made almost 300 frames for FBF movments and efects ( wind, run, jumps, sword fights), and many other action sequences between those.
You mays say it was short, and some scenes had some timing issues, and you will be correct. The facts are that I just put so much work on the animation itself, that I lost a little bit the "direction" of the movie in many aspects (timing, angles...etc.). Second when you are making the 300 frame you feel so exahusted and frustrated because its taking so much time....It took me whole 3 months to think, animate, and edit the hole thing, and by then I just wanted to publish and finish this work, wich I wasnt sure if it will succeed. So dont be so drastic with the final result of the movie,... Im not profesional...this would be my second "decent movie" after all....
Hope this clear out some of your questions.
Anyway, thank you all for watching again :)


Tip for ya

More battle animation, and more epicness. That sword, that explosion and lightning doesn't really give much epicness in it, so make more battle stuff. It's really important, since ur trying to make an epic battle animation. IMO, you didn't really succeed at all. Look at others' battle animations, i.e. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Really good inspiration for epic battle sequences.

As for music, I think it was a good choice.

Not bad.

I have to agree with some of the others, that something is missing. I by no means underestimate the difficulty of frame by frame animation, but what you have here seems like its missing a few high quality shots. Almost all action is implied. This works as long as you make up for it with demonstrated action here and there (see any reasonably budgeted anime)

I also feel that several shots hold for far too long, such as the explosion. Long hold shots are very hard to get right (I don't think I've ever nailed it). Too short, and it feels strange, too long and its distracting and irritating.

In the future, I hope you spend a little more time on a few high content scenes, instead of several comic book style action shots with minimized movement. I applaud your music choice though, and your style is on point.

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it was ok

it was ok

Still Needs Some Work Before you Reach the Gold

If I were to have rated on animation alone, I would have probably rated this between a 5 or a 6, but with your excellent camera angles and proper music choice, it helped raise my rating up to a 7.
As I said, two thumbs up on the music choice, very fitting,

The style of the art you used for your movie is very unique and would love it if you keep to it. (Did not affect my grading).

Camera (viewer's POV, etc):
Your skills with the angle and dramatic shots are really superior compared to many flashes I see here. Most of them usually just show a side angle where you really put that camera where it needed to be, because of this it helped save your score.

This was probably your weakest feature in your movie.
Using about four frames to make hair and clothing movement repeatedly can get a bit repetitive and for the speed you were doing it it looked a bit lackluster, I would prescribe more frames for those.
Your dramatic stills were quite nice (except for the clothing fluttering in the wind) where the protagonist would pause after hey slayed an enemy.
Also, at the parts where a character's head was moving around, the animation seemed a bit jumpy and sloppy. This also applies to some of the other movements the characters made. (The sword and running sequences were the only exception to this).
The Biggest Problem I found was the fight sequence with the Boss Demon (the one who stopped the sword), where you used the SAME animation when he was attacking the demon over and over. This is what really hurt my score to you.

To close, I really believe that with some practice, patience, and more practice you could become a more well known traditional artist.
Some helpful tips would be to pay great attention to detail, ask yourself, "Is this animation cycle as smooth as I can make it?" And to also push yourself to your limit each time because your limit will expand after you reach it.
I look forward to more work from you.

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Slow motion sequences were a bit drawn out.

They could've been kept shorter and still looked good. And the last battle should have been more intense.

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3.94 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2010
1:14 PM EDT